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3 Ways To Beat Wrinkles – Without Surgery


3 Ways To Beat Wrinkles – Without Surgery

Dealing with the signs of ageing can be a tricky thing. It’s something we all know will come to us in time, but the problem is that time always seems to come too soon. Our pursuit to hold back the hands of the time can lead us down many different avenues. However, Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic has put together his top 3 treatments to keep your signs of ageing at bay.


Botox has long been the trusty friend of any patient looking to improve the look of wrinkles. This injectable of botulinum toxin works as an effective non-surgical anti-ageing treatment by restricting the mobility of the facial muscles. This is an effective solution to lines and wrinkles as it is due to a combination of overuse of the facial muscles and reduction in collagen that causes the wrinkles to form, Botox removes one of these contributing factors by freezing the facial muscles.

Botox is a hugely popular form of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment for a number of reasons,” explained Dr. Thevendra, cosmetic doctor at APSARAS Clinic. “For example, Botox gives patients not only a solution to their already present signs of ageing, but also a protective barrier against further signs of ageing. Thanks to the treatment’s muscle relaxing nature patients can prevent the development of further lines and wrinkles within the skin – which is a huge positive for many patients.”

Dermal fillers

The second non-surgical treatment to keep the signs of ageing at bay is dermal filler treatment. One of the most versatile cosmetic injectables on the market, dermal fillers are a favourite with practitoner and patients alike. This group of cosmetic injectables improves the look of lines, wrinkles and facial sagging by restoring the youthful volume to the skin that many of us lose during the ageing process.

“The great thing about dermal fillers is that they are such a flexible form of treatment. Dermal fillers can be used in a number of ways in order to combat a number of ageing issues, from the look of deep set wrinkles to the thinning of the lips. Dermal filler also come with a quick and convenient treatment time. With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes and little recovery time needed, dermal fillers are the perfect ageing solution for patients on the go,” said Dr. Thevendra.


Another non-surgical anti-ageing treatment that Dr. Thevendra recommends is Sculptra. Sculptra is a synthetic injectable material that contains skin-smoothing microparticles and aims to lift sagging skin, severe wrinkles and dark circles in the skin. The treatment does this through the use of Poly-L-lactic acid (the main ingredient), which has been providing patients with gradual and natural looking results for over 25 years.

“What makes Sculptra such an effective treatment to tackle the look of ageing skin is that it can combat a number of ageing issues in one treatment that produces natural looking results. In some cases, our attempts to tackles several ageing issues can mean that we opt for more than one treatment to fight them. However, this sometimes can result in an unnatural looking result, with Sculptra you can consolidate your cosmetic treatment into one effective treatment,” said Dr. Thevendra

“When considering undergoing any of the treatments mentioned, it is important to trust your treatment in the right hands. This means seeking the advice of a fully qualified and experienced cosmetic professional. This will ensure that gain the best results possible and your safety will be taken care of if you decide to undergo treatment.”

All of the treatments mentioned are available at APSARAS Clinic, If you would like more information on any of these treatments book your consultation with APSARAS Clinic today. You can contact the clinic by calling (024) 7669 3700 or emailing info@apsaras.co.uk.