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Accent Radio Frequency Treatment At APSARAS Clinic

We all have those stubborn areas of unwanted fat that no matter how many we exercise they just don’t seem to budge. You may feel like there isn’t much more you could be doing between eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, but you could consider Accent Radio Frequency Treatment, which might hold the answer to a happier and more toned you.

Accent Radio Frequency is the latest in non-surgical body contouring treatment to arrive at APSARAS, and harnesses cutting edge radio frequency technology in order to effectively reduce the look of stubborn fat deposits, leaving patients with a more toned appearance. Accent Radio Frequency treatment heats the fat cells to a temperature where the cells are then able to be moulded.

Once heated, the body can be sculpted in a number of different ways in order the fit the patient’s wishes. The fat can be reshaped, repositioned or even shrunk in order to achieve the desired effect.

Accent Radio Frequency treatment has an average procedure time of 30 minutes to 1 hour, making it the perfect treatment for those with busy schedules. It is quick, convenient and requires no recover time, and the vast majority of patients experience no pain or discomfort during treatment. Accent Radio Frequency treatment is designed to effectively heat up the fat cells without causing and discomfort or damage to the skin and body in the process. It is recommended that patients sit a course of up to 6-8 session of Accent Radio Frequency treatment with rest intervals between sessions in order to gain the full results from this treatment.

It’s important to remember that Accent Radio Frequency treatment is not a fat reduction treatment rather than a contouring treatment, and that should be kept in mind when considering undergoing this treatment at APSARAS. That being said, Accent Radio Frequency treatment does come with some incentives; for example patients will be able to gain a visibly shaped appearance to the treated area. Secondly, due to Accent Radio Frequency treatment‘s non-surgical, non-invasive nature, the treatment comes with dramatically reduced risks involved then most other cosmetic treatments and eradicates the risk of infection completely.

Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic is a cosmetic doctor and was one of the first practitioners in the country to use Accent Radio Frequency treatment for body contouring. This is what he had to say about the treatment.

“I have offered Accent Radio Frequency treatment in my practice for a number of years now and have found it is growing more and more in popularity with my patients every year. I think there has been a change in the attitude of patients recently and they’re now much more educated in terms of the options open to them when considering cosmetic treatments. As a result many of them are realising surgical isn’t always best, and Accent Radio Frequency is a perfect example of this. Although the treatment doesn’t remove fat like some surgical cosmetic treatments like liposuction for example, it can give patients a sleeker figure without the risks and lengthy recovering time of surgical alternatives.

If you are considering undergoing Accent Radio Frequency treatment or would just like more information on the treatment then I would strongly suggest consulting a cosmetic professional that has extensive knowledge and experience performing Accent Radio Frequency treatment, such as myself. I can answer your questions about the treatment and provide you with a higher standard of care and result.

If you would like more information on Accent Radio Frequency treatment then book your consultation with APSARAS Clinic today.