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Anti-Wrinkle and Botox Injections At APSARAS Clinic

Seeing the signs of ageing creeping up on you is rarely a welcome thing. It seems like time goes so fast and it was only yesterday you were wrinkle-free, but alas, time has caught up all too soon. If you feel like inner you is not longer reflected in the outer you maybe anti-ageing Botox injections could be the solution for you. Luckily, APSARAS Clinic has the answers.

Muscle relaxing injections explained

So what is Botox? As seen on many celebrities, Botox injections are a brand of muscle relaxing injection that are used primarily as an anti-ageing treatment, but can be used for other purposes, e.g. block sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating. Botox works by paralysing the facial muscles it is injected into, freezing the facial muscles, making it impossible to overuse them. This is an effective treatment against lines and wrinkles as it is due to a combination of overuse of the facial muscles and a reduction in elastin and collagen within the skin that wrinkles form.

Many of us overuse our facial muscle to perform daily tasks like talking or laughing, and this causes the skin to crease in order to adapt the skin to fit the shapes our facial muscles are making. This isn’t an issue in our youth due to the high levels of elastin and collagen within the skin, however these levels reduce as we enter out late twenties and as a result our skin begins to age. Anti-wrinkle injections like Botox are effective because they freeze these muscle stopping further signs of ageing developing quickly.

Muscle relaxing injections such as Botox do come with an array of positives to the treatment. For example, patients will be able to see an almost instant improvement in the look of their ageing skin as a result of Botox injections, which continues to improve over the next few weeks. This is a huge plus for obvious reasons, as it means that patients can gain results without the need to sit through a lengthly waiting process to see the end result of their treatment.

Another big positive to Botox injections is that they’re quick and convenient. With a average procedure time of only 30 minutes – and little to no recovery time needed following treatment – Botox injections are the perfect cosmetic treatment for the modern working person or busy mum. Treatment can easily be fitted into your lunch break and you will be able to return to work right away without any effects to your working day, or anyone guessing you’ve had cosmetic treatment.

Like any cosmetic treatment, Botox has risks like any other which should be carefully considered and factored into your decision whether Botox treatment is right for you. Risks and possible side-effects of Botox injection treatment include breeding, swelling and bruising, infection and possible damage to facial nerves and muscles. These factors are extremely RARE and the vast majority of patients that undergo Botox injection treatment with cosmetic professionals do not experience these side-effects. However these should all still be part of your decision as to whether or not cosmetic treatment is right for you.

Dr. Thevendra is a cosmetic doctor at APSARAS Clinic and had this to say on the subject of Botox injections.

Botox injection treatment is one of the most popular anti-ageing treatments in the UK and certainly one of the most successful non-surgical solutions at my clinic. It’s easy to see why; the treatment offers many of the results of a surgical anti-ageing treatment but without the lengthy recovery process,” he explains.

“I think Botox injections are a wonderful way to fight the signs of ageing, my only advice if you’re considering undergoing this type of treatment to consult an experienced cosmetic professional. There are many establishments and practitioners or beauticians that provide Botox, but I strongly suggest patients sit their treatment with tried and tested professionals to avoid unwanted results.”

If you would like more information on Botox injections then book your consultation with Dr Thevendra today.