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Banish Your Prominent Veins With Vein Treatments At APSARAS Clinic

Banish Your Prominent Veins With Vein Treatments At APSARAS Clinic

Dealing with unsightly and prominent veins is never an easy thing. It can leave many sufferers feeling extremely self conscious and limited in the items of clothing that they feel comfortable wearing. If you feel it’s time that you took control of your unwanted veins, APSARAS Clinic offers a range of cosmetic treatments to improve the look of cosmetic vein conditions. Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic sat down with us to talk through the vein treatments that the clinic offers.


A common issue that patients often seek cosmetic treatment for is the development of conditions such as thread veins and rosacea. To combat these issues, APSARAS Clinic offers Veinwave treatment.
Veinwave is a non-surgical treatment that aims to improve the appearance of a number of vein conditions (including thread veins and rosacea) by harnessing high-frequency microwaves and a fine insulated needle to heat the problem veins. This method of treatment effectively creates a thermal lesion that destroys the blood vessel, meaning that patients will achieve a faded appearance to their treated veins.
“One of the great things about Veinwave treatment is that it’s able to provide patients with the result they want without causing further bruising or scarring to the areas of treatment. This is a big benefit for many patients because it means that they can gain the results they want without being left with damaged skin as a result,” said Dr. Thevendra.
“Another great thing about Veinwave treatment is that it gives the practitioner a more precise way to target the veins in an accurate way. Thanks to Veinwave’s application through an ultra-fine needle, patients can combat their prominent veins in a precise and effective way that offers less damage to the surrounding skin.”
“In addition to this, Veinwave treatment also comes with a convenient treatment time of just 30 minutes and little recovery time. Patients can usually return to work and their daily schedule in just 15 minutes following treatment, meaning that Veinwave is the perfect lunchtime treatment for those looking to tackle their unwanted veins.”

Sclerotherapy treatment

Prominent vein conditions, such as varicose veins, can be extremely difficult to combat and can leave many patients feeling self-conscious about the condition of their veins. If this issue sounds familiar to you then sclerotherapy treatment may hold the solution.
Sclerotherapy treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the look and feel of prominent and unflattering veins by closing the vein, therefore causing it to fade. The treatment achieves this by injecting a solution called sclerosant into the veins through a fine needle. This solution causes the treated veins to swell and the vein walls to stick together, resulting in the closure of the vessel and gradual fading of the vein.
“One of the great things about Sclerotherapy treatment is that it gives patients a convenient solution to their unwanted veins. The treatment can performed in 30 minutes and requires minimal recovery time, meaning that patients can gain the results they want in a time period that suits their lifestyle,” added Dr. Thevendra.
Sclerotherapy also provides patients with long term results, which is a huge positive for many patients as it means they can gain the visually improved results to their prominent veins and begin to rebuild their confidence, safe in the knowledge that their veins will not reappear,” Dr. Thevendra concluded.
Following treatment patients may be required to wear compression stockings in order to apply pressure to the treated veins. The results of Sclerotherapy treatment can usually be seen which 6-8 weeks of treatment.

Treatment at APSARAS Clinic

If either of the vein treatments mentioned above seem like the right decision for you, then it is important that you conduct research before making the decision to undergo treatment. One of the most important factors when considering any form of cosmetic treatment is which practitioner you choose to undergo treatment with. Failure to choose the correct practitioner for your chosen treatment or specific needs could result in substandard results or even heightened risks involved with treatment.
A great way to determine whether a practitioner is a good fit for your needs is to book a consultation. A consultation will give you the opportunity to get any questions you may have answered correctly by a qualified professional, as well as give you a chance to gain first hand experience of the practitioner’s working style – both of which are important factors when choosing a cosmetic professional.
To learn more about either of the vein treatments mentioned, book your consultation with APSARAS Clinic today by calling (024) 7669 3700 or emailing info@apsaras.co.uk.