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Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments

The cold months can cause havoc on the skin. From dry, red patches to rosacea breakouts, the harsh winter weather and constant blasts from central heating can leave your skin looking and feeling distressed. If your complexion is in need of some TLC, or you feel the winter months are ageing your skin, non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments could be the answer.

At APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we offer a fantastic array of non-surgical treatments designed to brighten your skin and improve its texture. Whether you’re suffering with a dull complexion or dry patches, investing in some advanced skincare or gentle treatments to revamp and rejuvenate the dermis will no doubt improve your self-confidence.

Choosing skin rejuvenation treatments to improve tone and texture

Cosmeceuticals and medical skincare are an excellent way to rejuvenate the skin, particularly during the winter months. With various strengths available, a consultation with Dr. Thevendra is essential in order to determine what type of skincare best suits your needs. Skincare can also be used in combination with other rejuvenation treatments such as skin peels and microdermabrasion, and is often idea for patients suffering with dry, flaky skin.

If you’re looking for a way of brightening your skin and ensuring your complexion is glowing, chemical skin peels offer great results. The texture of the skin is important to looking fresh and this type of facial rejuvenation treatment can improve how your skin looks and feels.

Additionally, chemical peels can improve the appearance of acne scarring and even melasma, making them one of the more versatile skin rejuvenation treatments available. You will need to undergo a full skin assessment and consultation to determine which type of peel will offer you the best results.

If facial redness is the problem, or you suffer with melasma that gets worse during winter, Dr. Thevendra offers treatments to help relieve the symptoms. There is unfortunately no cure for rosacea – it’s a relatively poorly understood skin condition despite being fairly common – but there are non-surgical ways to reduce the redness and pain associated with the condition. Identifying and avoiding the triggers of rosacea can be a useful way of controlling the symptoms; something Dr. Thevendra can help you identify.

It is only through a full consultation that the skin expert can ascertain what non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment can be offered. We treat patients across the Midlands, including Birmingham, Derby, Leicester and Coventry. An appointment for a consultation can be booked on 0247 669 3700 or via email info@apsaras.co.uk.

Depending on what the skin concern is there is a treatment to help. Whether you suffer with adult acne (or the scarring it cruelly leaves behind) thread veins across your cheeks, wrinkles around the eyes, or simply a dull complexion, at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry you’ll be offered the very best non-surgical treatments. Don’t suffer in silence this winter: take the first steps to rejuvenating your skin with non-surgical treatments at one of the UK’s leading aesthetic clinics.