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How To Beat Wrinkles By Dr Thevendra

How To Beat Wrinkles By Dr Thevendra

Dr Thevendra, cosmetic doctor and director of the APSARAS Clinic, offers his advice on the best ways to combat and beat wrinkles.

He claims one of the best places to start is by using muscle relaxing injections like Botox, as it’s an effective way of keeping wrinkles at bay. He urged people to use Botox “lightly”, as this keeps the skin on the face looking as natural as possible.

Dr Thevendra also offered advice to women who have started to notice their jaw is sagging as they get older, suggesting laser treatment could be the answer.

“There is a procedure called skin tightening which uses laser treatment to tighten the skin around the face and neck without a full face lift. As a cosmetic doctor I can sculpt this area without knives or needles in many cases,” Dr Thevendra explains.

“If you’re in your late ’40s through 50s, the jowl will loosen around the jawline beyond what you can fix with creams, Botox or fillers,” he says.

Overall, Dr Thevendra claims the most important thing about cosmetic treatments is that they should make people look like “a better version” of themselves, rather than changing their appearance completely.

“I want every one of my patients to leave my clinic feeling great and looking amazing. The key to successful treatment is working with the patient closely and ensuring each person is treated as an individual,” he concludes.

You can book a consultation with Dr Thevendra to discuss your concerns and treatment plan.