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The Benefits Of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


The uses and benefits of platelet rich plasma therapy in cosmetic and plastic surgery continue to surprise and amaze patients.

Platelet rich plasma therapy (also known as PRPT or the Vampire Facelift) is taken from a persons own blood, processed and then used in different ways to help the body heal and repair itself.

“It’s becoming more widely used in many cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures to speed recovery and stimulate healing,” says Dr Thevendra from APSARAS Clinic, Coventry.

“The benefits and uses of PRPT in varying cosmetic procedures, including skin rejuvenation, and scar treatment mean patients can now get a natural look from their cosmetic procedures.”

The relatively new treatment (using the body’s own platelets) is called MYCELLS and is now available at the APSARAS Clinic in Coventry. Platelets are cells present in the blood that play a part initially in cessation of bleeding and later in the healing of the wound caused by injury or surgery.

Platelets, when present in body tissue outside the blood stream, are activated by various chemicals to release growth factors and to release chemicals that attract stem cells to the area of injury.

You can find more information of the procedure via the treatment pages, or you can book a consultation with Dr Thevendra to discuss other non-surgical anti-ageing treatments.