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What Causes Skin Ageing?

Dr Thevendra, a top skin specialist and Cosmetic Doctor from APSARAS Clinic in Coventry, has revealed why the skin ages and what men and women can do to maintain a youthful appearance.

The experienced practitioner explained there are in fact two  main factors that contribute to wrinkled skin.

    1. Firstly, elasticity naturally reduces because small cone-shaped fibres found within the dermis begin to deteriorate over the years, meaning the skin cannot entirely hold its former shape.

Secondly, the cells begin to grow and rejuvenate at a slower pace, which means older, damaged and irregular-shaped cells are just left on the surface. As these are less capable of retaining moisture the cells beneath them can become dehydrated.

Dr Thevendra explained that while in the past creams have been used to treat these problems, these are no longer the most effective form of treatment.


“If the application of products fails there is always cosmetic surgery or non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Modern surgical techniques have made this option effective when performed by skilled professionals,” he said.


He pointed out that for this to work, people opting for treatment will need to ensure they look after their skin as they should following their procedure. For advice on skin ageing or to book an appointment with Dr Thevendra at the APSARAS Clinic visit the consultation pages.