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Chemical Skin Peel Anti ageing treatments

The best anti ageing treatments for hyperpigmentation revealed

Anti ageing treatments for hyperpigmentation in West Midlands offer tangible and reliable results which can improve not only the appearance of your skin but also your self esteem. As we head into 2016 why not take charge of the skin you’re in again, and enjoy a rejuvenated appearance.

Hyperpigmentation comes in many forms and aesthetic clinics across the UK are always being asked which forms of non surgical anti-ageing treatment all the best when it comes to reducing skin blemishes.

Dr. Thevendra from APSARAS Clinic in Coventry treats patients from across the West Midlands, including areas such as Birmingham, Derby, Leicester and Solihull. He says:

“Hyperpigmentation can manifest in various forms, the most popular and most widely seen by cosmetic doctors include age spots and brown spots usually brought upon by the ageing process and, more often than not, sun damage too.

The size of hyperpigmentation usually manifest themselves as discolouration in the skin; this can include age spots and brown spots on the face, on the hands, and on the neck and décolletage area. Whilst usually harmless, age spots and brown spots are often thought of as ageing, and so many clients, especially women, choose to undergo cosmetic anti-ageing treatments in order to reduce these patches of just colouration to rejuvenate the area.”

There are several forms of nonsurgical anti-ageing treatment which can be offered in the removal of hyperpigmentation and age spots. One of the most popular types of non-invasive cosmetic treatment for this form of skin ageing is chemical peel treatment; a versatile and reliable form of anti-ageing treatment which has been used for many years in the improvement of hyperpigmentation based concerns.

Totally non-surgical in nature, the chemical skin peel is widely considered to be one of the most effective types of non-surgical skin rejuvenation available in the UK today. With three levels of chemical skin peel available, there is a wide variety of uses for skin peels, and the depth of the skin peel chosen will determine the results when it comes to removing age spots and improving the overall texture of the skin.

Chemical skin peel treatments for the reduction of hyperpigmentation and other signs of ageing can be combined with different types of non-surgical treatment to give a more overall rejuvenated appearance to the face, neck or hands. For example – clients may choose to undergo dermal fillers or muscle relaxing injections treatment alongside chemical skin peel treatment is to not only improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation but also reduce lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

This is an entirely personal decision which should only be made after a thorough consultation with a cosmetic doctor, so booking an appointment should be the first step in choosing to undergo nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, such as those above.

Popular with both male and female clients, chemical skin peel treatment can also be used for lines and wrinkles, improving the appearance of ageing marks which go well beyond age spots and hyperpigmentation. To determine your suitability for this form of nonsurgical anti-ageing treatment it’s best to book a consultation with your chosen cosmetic doctor, who will be able to guide you on your journey with chemical skin peel or anti ageing treatments of any other kind.

Learn more about treating hyperpigmentation in West Midlands

Learn to love the skin you’re in again and improve the appearance of ageing concern such as hyper pigmentation, age spots and brown spots by embracing the power of a chemical skin peel. For more information please contact the West Midlands APSARAS Clinic reception team who will be happy to help you, or book a consultation for an in-depth skin analysis and the spoke treatment plan.