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Choosing brilliant wrinkle reduction treatments

Which wrinkle reduction treatments are bets for your needs?

If you’re considering wrinkle reduction treatments you may be interested in finding out more information about the specifics each one entails.

At APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we help men and women from across the West Midlands who are seeking anti ageing treatments to tackle lines around the eyes, forehead or mouth.

Dermal fillers

The most popular form of wrinkle reduction treatments, dermal fillers are a reliable and simple way to ease lines around the eyes and mouth. There’s various types and brands available – which you need depends on what you hope to achieve – are a consultation is needed to determine suitability.

Dermal fillers are often used in combination with Botox and other wrinkle relaxing injections as they’re designed to fill and add volume, rather than prevent new lines from forming.

Wrinkle relaxing injections

Like dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections can improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but they’re predominantly used to stop new lines from forming. They’re injected into areas such as the frown lines in the eyebrow area, but can also be used around the mouth and nose lines.

The key to wrinkle reduction treatments like this is minimal use; you don’t want to overfill the face, and the same applies to dermal fillers. Minimal use ensures natural looking results – no one wants a forehead that doesn’t have any movement!

Skin tightening

Skin tightening treatments use energy to firm and tone the skin. They give a more youthful appearance and can help to rejuvenate the skin by boosting collagen production.

Energy-assisted skin tightening treatments are popular with celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian, but they’re now at such a good price point that anyone can afford them as part of wrinkle reduction treatments.

Chemical skin peels

The oldest and most trusted form of wrinkle reduction treatments, chemical skin peels are reliable and tried and tested. The idea is to rejuvenate the skin by removing a layer of damaged or aged skin.

There are different depths of chemical skin peels available, and you’ll be offered the one that’s most appropriate for your skin concerns. If you have severe damage to the dermis a deeper peel may be offered, but in many cases a superficial peel is all that’s needed to regenerate the upper layer of skin.


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT) is a great way to smooth wrinkles and reduce lines. The treatment uses your own blood to rejuvenate the skin, and acts as an anti ageing treatment.

Like all wrinkle reduction treatments, there’s some degree of risks attached but most patients agree this is a great holistic way to improve the skin’s look and feel. You can combine PRPT with other skin rejuvenation treatments, and it’s used on the face as well as the neck.

More information

You can get more information about any of these wrinkle reduction treatments by booking a consultation with Dr Thevendra at APSARAS Clinic in West Midlands. Whether you’re interested in dermal fillers, Botox and wrinkle relaxing treatments, chemical skin peels, skin tightening or PRPT we can help you feel great in the skin you’re in again.