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Choosing the best dermal fillers in Coventry

Undergoing anti-ageing treatments and the best dermal fillers

Anti-ageing treatments have long been a part of the cosmetic world, and are a well-used and popular cosmetic treatment. But how much do you really know about this skin plumping solution and what makes the best dermal fillers? More importantly, do you know all of the uses of this cosmetic injectable?

In this week’s blog, we will be exploring the use of leading dermal fillers in Coventry, as well as asking the opinion of cosmetic professional Dr Thevendra on his thoughts about dermal fillers as an anti-ageing treatment.

The basics of the best dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic injectable that essentially plump the skin. What many people may not know is that the term “dermal filler” is actually an umbrella term that is used to house a number of facial tissue plumping products.

While all essentially providing the same results, some slightly differ in the scientific way they produce the results and what they contain.

They’re versatile

The best dermal fillers in Coventry are an incredibly versatile cosmetic treatment, and contrary to popular belief, are used in a number of cosmetic treatments for many different purposes.

For example, the top dermal fillers can be used during non-surgical lip augmentation to plump and reshape the lips.

Dermal fillers are great for this as they allow the patient and cosmetic professional a like to have better control over the end results thanks to its injectable nature, and the results are semi-permanent.

This means if you’re unhappy with the result it’s not permanent, unlike surgery.

The top dermal fillers can also be used during non-surgical nose reshaping and lip contouring, where they are used as a shaping tool.

Anti ageing benefits

Of course, the leading dermal fillers are most notably used in order to fill in, and improve the look and feel of, the signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles on and around the mouth and eyes.

This is the most traditional use of dermal filler treatment, and help to fill in the creases you may have accumulated over the years, quickly and subtly.

Paired with the more well-known muscle relaxing injections, facial fillers are a hugely successful and popular anti-ageing treatment, because the results are sustainable, immediate and generally painless.

Expert opinion

Dr Thevendra is a cosmetic doctor in Coventry specialising in non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as facial fillers and had this to say about the treatment.

“Dermal fillers are an incredibly diverse and flexible type of cosmetic injectables and are used in wide range of procedures to produce various results. It’s also quick and convenient,” the West Midlands facial expert explained.

“With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes, and little to no recovery time needed, dermal fillers are also the perfect cosmetic treatment for those with busy lifestyles.

“Dermal fillers are one of my most requested non-surgical cosmetic treatments and one that I enjoy performing, because I can see the wonderful results this treatment can produce in a number of different ways,” he concluded.

Consultation for the best dermal fillers in Coventry

If you would like more information cosmetic treatments then book a free 30 minute consultation with Dr Thevendra and his team today to find out more.