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Control Your Skin With eDermastamp Treatment

Acne might be an extremely common skin condition but that doesn’t mean that living with it is easy. It can make sufferers feel self-conscious and unattractive at times, and the thought of what life would be like acne free can fill many of your thoughts. However, when you do manage to shake off your acne prone skin you can often be left with the aftermath of your skin condition. Acne scarring can really be a cruel trick of nature for many acne sufferers and can leave them feeling incredibly frustrated with the condition their skin is left in. If this feeling seems familiar to you then there is something you can do to take control of your acne scarred skin: eDermastamp treatment.

This non-surgical cosmetic treatment draws on the idea of the popular medical micro-needling treatment but adapts it into a much more usable and convenient way. eDermastamp aims to vastly improve the look of a number of skin conditions including acne, acne scarring and various signs of ageing by puncturing the top layers of skin with a roller infused with hundreds of micro-needles. This is an effective treatment in the fight against acne scarring as it promotes the production of collagen within the skin that can restore elasticity to the skin and improve the look of imperfections within the skin. eDermastamp is a hugely popular cosmetic treatment with patients nationwide and comes with an array of benefits that entice patients to undergo the treatment. One of the biggest positives to eDermastamp treatment is the vast improvement that it can have on the quality of the skin without the need for surgical intervention and the additional risks that comes with surgery. Thanks to eDermastamp treatment’s collagen growing properties patients can see not only a vest improvement to the look of acne and acne scarring but can restore elasticity and tone to the skin without the need surgical intervention. Another positive of eDermastamp treatment is that it’s quick and convenient. eDermastamp treatment can be sat within 30-45 minutes and requires no recovery time following treatment. This is a big benefit for many patients as means they can gain the result that they want within a time period that suits them and doesn’t affect their productivity.

Although there are many positives to eDermastamp treatment there are also some possible risks and side-effects that patients need to be fully aware of before undergoing treatment to make an informed decision. The risks involves eDermastamp treatment include bruising, swelling and bleeding following treatment and the risk of infection. The risk of infection is extremely rare and isn’t a factor that patient’s should encounter when undergoing treatment with an fully qualified and experienced cosmetic professional.

Following treatment patients may not see an immediate result as it takes time for the collagen that provides the majority of the visual improvement to grow. Patients usually expect to see a noticeable improvement in the look of the skin within the 4-6 month period following treatment.

Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic is a cosmetic doctor and a leading provider of eDermastamp treatment, this is what he had to say about the treatment.

eDermastamp treatment is a wonderful cosmetic treatment that can have profound effects of the confidence of its patients. Dealing with acne and the scarring that often comes with the condition can have huge repercussion on the sufferer’s self-esteem, eDermastamp treatment gives patients the opportunity to restore their skin to its former glory and rebuild their confidence. If you are considering undergoing eDermastamp treatment then I would strongly suggest seeking the advice of an experiences cosmetic professional such as myself. Not only will they be able to answer any unanswered questions you may have but there will also be able to provide you with the highest standard of results. If you would like more information on eDermastamp then book your consultation with us today.”