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Are Dermal Fillers The Answer To Your Ageing Skin?

The ageing process is something that we all go through, and it can be unforgiving for some of us. As a result, the anti-ageing industry is booming, as more of us begin our pursuit to hold back the hands of time than ever before. For those committed to keeping lines and wrinkles at bay, there are an array of cosmetic treatments on the market. However, when many people think of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments their first thought is still Botox – but is there a more effective solution to the development of wrinkles? Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic certainly thinks so, and he’s here to tell you why dermal fillers are the best solution to your signs of ageing.

What are dermal filler?

In order to understand why dermal fillers are in fact a great solution to the signs of ageing, you must first understand what they are and how they work. To elaborate on this, we called upon the expertise of Dr, Thevendra, who said:

Dermal fillers are a group of cosmetic injectables that aim to improve a number of cosmetic issues including various signs of ageing. These injectables achieve this by plumping the skin in which they are injected into, resulting in a full and youthful appearance.”

Why are they a great solution to the signs of ageing?

There are many reasons dermal fillers are a great solution to the signs of ageing. For example, they’re are able to improve a number of cosmetic issues in one simple procedure. Dermal fillers are able to tackle ageing issues like facial sagging and loss of volume in one treatment, which is a huge positive for many patients as it means they can gain the anti-ageing treatments they want in a convenient and cost effective way.

In addition to this, dermal fillers also are extremely flexible cosmetic injectables. Not only can the skin plumping treatment be used to smooth the look of deep set lines and wrinkles, but it can also restore the facial contours to a more complementary position and contour the lips and nose tip, making dermal fillers a truly multi-purpose treatment.

Another positive to dermal fillers is that the treatment provides patients with a quick answer to their signs of ageing. The treatment can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires little recovery time, making it a highly convenient form of anti-ageing treatment. Patients can sit dermal filler treatment at a time that suits their schedule, with little downtime.

Dermal fillers also can work extremely well in combination with other forms of cosmetic treatment. This is a huge positive for many patients as it means patients can combat a number of cosmetic issues without the need to compromise, as dermal fillers can work in harmony with a number of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Ask your practitioner for more information on this.

Seeking treatment

Dermal filler treatment is an extremely popular form non-surgical facial rejuvenation, and as a result there are many practitioners that offer the treatment. Although this can be beneficial for patients (as it gives them the opportunity to shop around for the right cosmetic professional for them), it also means that there are many less credible providers now offering the treatment.

“To avoid a negative cosmetic experience it is always advised that you carry out extensive research not only into the treatment but also your provider before making the decision to undergo treatment. This will ensure that you make the right decision for your personal needs and will achieve a result that you are happy with if you choose to seek treatment.”

“A great way to learn more about your treatment and chosen practitioner is to book a consultation. A consultation will give you the opportunity to gain further information on the details of your treatment, ask any questions you may have to an experienced cosmetic professional and gain firsthand experience of the practitioner’s working style – all of which are important factors when considering cosmetic treatment of any form,” concluded Dr. Thevendra.

If you would like more information on the benefits of dermal filler use, book your consultation with APSARAS Clinic today by calling 024) 7669 3700 or emailing info@apsaras.co.uk.