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Dermal fillers consultation process explained

Choosing the best dermal fillers in Coventry for anti-ageing treatments

We’re often asked why patients need to undergo a consultation for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers in Coventry, so in this week’s blog we’re going to explain a little bit about the process of consultation and the reason why we offer all clients one.

Undergoing a cosmetic or aesthetic treatment can be confusing; with so much information on the internet and with every clinic seemingly offering you great deals, knowing where to go for your dermal filler treatment may be mindboggling.

Others may wonder why the consultation process even exists at all. Let’s answer some important questions about dermal fillers in Coventry.

Why do I need a consultation to have dermal fillers in Coventry?

No – they are a non-surgical anti-ageing solution to lines and wrinkles and lost volume – but dermal fillers are classed as a medical treatment so you have to have a consultation at APSARAS Clinic.

What is the consultation for dermal fillers in Coventry?

In short, the consultation for dermal fillers in Coventry is designed to help the client understand what their chosen treatment involves, how it’s performed, and what they can expect from the outcomes.

You can also expect to be given advice on how best to recover and how to manage any side effects or complications, however rare or unlikely they may be.

So what happens during my dermal fillers consultation?

In the case of dermal fillers, your first consultation allows you to meet with the aesthetic experts here at the best cosmetic clinic in Coventry. Visit the clinic, meet and get to know your cosmetic practitioner – it’s important you trust their advice and expertise.

You’ll be asked to give Dr. Thevendra at APSARAS Clinic some insight in to why you’d like dermal fillers, and give details on the areas of concern you wish to treat.

At this point Dr. Thevendra will be able to advise you whether the specific non-invasive cosmetic treatment is suitable for you, or whether you require a different treatment or combination of several.

During the consultation for dermal fillers in Coventry you’re encouraged to ask questions and provide your medical history – this is to determine whether you’re fit and well to have dermal fillers and aesthetic treatments like it.

Dr. Thevendra – the resident anti-ageing expert – has a keen eye for aesthetic proportions and is committed to providing natural-looking results, so you can be sure he will offer you his honest advice.

In some cases a second consultation will be recommended before treatment with dermal fillers can be confirmed. This again is decided on a case by case basis. Don’t forget you’ll need top up treatments to maintain the result of dermal fillers, usually every 18 months or so.

Are dermal fillers in Coventry safe?

Dermal fillers in Coventry are non-surgical in nature, but they are still classed as a medical treatment. You must book a consultation in order for your individual needs to be assessed, as all patients are given a tailored treatment plan.

Who should I book my dermal fillers consultation with?

Top tips for choosing who to see in consultation:

  • Choosing an expert with the right training, skills and passion are all vital decisions when undergoing anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers.
  • Your first tick box should be checking your chosen doctor’s qualifications – and how long they’ve had them.
  • Make sure the person you trust to perform your treatment is knowledgeable about what each different type of anti-ageing injectable can do and offer you; each is different as must be treated respectfully so.

Booking a consultation is the best way to discover if dermal fillers in Coventry are the right choice for you. Drop the reception team at APSARAS Clinic a line and meet our cosmetic doctor, Dr Thevendra.