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Dermal Fillers – The Versatile Injectable

Cosmetic treatment is something that is well and truly part of our culture these days, and is something that gives patients the ability to feel empowered by the way they look – whatever their age. One of the most versatile ways to augment your appearance is by dermal filler treatment, but how much do you really know about this cosmetic injectable and is it the solution to your cosmetic issues?

In brief?

Dermal filler is a term given to a number of different cosmetic injectables that essentially provide the same visual results. Dermal fillers are skin plumping injections that can be used in a number of different ways and within several different cosmetic procedures. The most common of which being non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

What are they for?

Dermal fillers are mostly used as non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, and with good reason. Due to their skin plumping nature they are a perfect solution to deep set lines and wrinkles on the face without the need to undergo often costly and dangerous surgical procedures. In this form, dermal fillers work great in conjunction with muscle relaxing injections such as Botox. This is because dermal fillers are able to fill in the lines and wrinkles many of us are unhappy with whilst the muscle relaxing injections can prevent further forms of ageing forming by freezing the facial muscles that cause them.

Although dermal fillers are used most popularly as an anti-ageing cosmetic treatment they are also an extremely flexible cosmetic tool. For example, did you know dermal fillers are also the primary cosmetic injectable used in non-surgical lip augmentation treatment as a lip shaping and enhancing tool?

Dermal fillers are great for this as they allow both the cosmetic professional and the patient a much stronger level of control over the treatment than other cosmetic alternatives offered. The injectable nature of dermal fillers allows them to be controlled in order to gain the desired results. Of course, this is also dependant on you choosing an experienced cosmetic doctor who understands what fillers can do, as well as their limitations.

Another use for dermal filler injections is within non-surgical nose reshaping treatment, where they are used as a shaping tool. Dermal fillers make the perfect contouring treatment in terms of non-surgical nose reshaping due to their easy application nature. Rhinoplasty patients also frequently opt for non-surgical nose reshaping treatment after surgery in order to contour the tip of their nose. This is popular with rhinoplasty patients that naturally lack the cartilage needed to achieve the result they wish to achieve.

Dermal fillers are hugely popular as a cosmetic solution to a multitude of aesthetic issues as they come with dramatically lower risks involved then most surgical procedures, however this doesn’t mean they are risk-free. The only real risk involved with dermal filler treatment is the chance of infection but this is rare and isn’t an issue that patients should experience if they undergo treatment with an experienced cosmetic professional.

Dr. Thevendra is a consultant cosmetic doctor at APSARAS Clinic. This is what he had to say about dermal fillers and their uses.

Dermal fillers have long been a favourite of cosmetic professionals and for good reason. They are able to give amazing results that can rival those of a surgical procedure and have reduced too. Dermal fillers are extremely flexible and can be used in several different ways but a huge plus to dermal fillers is also that they are a great stepping stone into the world of cosmetic treatment.”

If you are considering undergoing dermal filler treatment Dr. Thevendra would strongly suggest consulting an experienced cosmetic professional, such as those found at APSARAS Clinic. If you would like more information on dermal filler treatment then book your consultation with Dr. Thevendra of today.