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Dermal fillers West Midlands

Try the latest dermal fillers West Midlands for skin rejuvenation

Anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatments don’t come much better than dermal fillers West Midlands, and at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we offer a variety of injectable anti ageing treatments to improve the classic signs of facial ageing. Clients from Birmingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Derby, Solihull and Nottingham can all benefit from cosmetic injectable fillers.

The latest injectable anti ageing treatment to hit the Coventry cosmetic clinic is Profhilo; the most innovative member of the dermal fillers West Midlands group. We love the results Profhilo is giving our patients, and we think you will too.

Profhilo is a dermal filler with a difference. Unlike some of the older HA facial fillers which have been known to cause granulars and produce unnatural looking results, this cosmetic filler for lines and wrinkles both rejuvenates the skin from the inside and smooths creases in the skin.

There’s no denying that dermal fillers West Midlands are a popular form of anti ageing skin rejuvenation treatment, and many clients visit us several times a year to have top up facial filler treatments using Profhilo. It’s versatile and can be used to smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes, fill lips that lack natural volume, or even augment features such as the cheeks.

Cheek volumisation and lip augmentation using Profhilo dermal fillers West Midlands couldn’t be easier. With new and improved techniques to administer the HA substance, patients can undergo skin rejuvenation treatments and non surgical lip augmentation without the bruising previously associated with dermal fillers.

APSARAS Clinic’s Dr. Thevendra is a cosmetic doctor and offers dermal fillers West Midlands to men and women seeking non surgical alternatives to invasive aesthetic treatments, such as facelift surgery. He is one of the first cosmetic doctors in Coventry to offer Profhilo dermal filler treatments in the Midlands, helping men and clients from across the region.

“My clients love the benefits of dermal fillers West Midlands, and in particular are enjoying the long term skin rejuvenation results associated with Profhilo facial fillers,” he explains.

“In the past we had to offer various fillers to suit the different facial rejuvenation needs of the patient, but this innovative dermal filler means we can treat numerous areas with just one product. The results are natural looking and last for longer than older, less effective injectable skin rejuvenation options.”

Find more information about Profhilo dermal fillers West Midlands

The Profhilo dermal fillers West Midlands are available now in the Coventry cosmetic clinic. For more information about the benefits of choosing this form of anti ageing treatment please contact the APSARAS Clinic team who will be delighted to help you.

Our patients come from all over the Midlands to seek our expert doctor’s advice and skills, including clients from Birmingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Derby, Solihull and Nottingham.

A free 30 minute consultation is provided for all new patients – so be sure to book a consultation in advance as we’re often very busy – especially in spring and on the lead up to summer!