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Excessive sweating with non-surgical injectables

Suffering with hyperhidrosis can be a distressing condition, leaving many patients ultimately feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. Despite being a common problem, excessive sweating can often be a debilitating condition, leading many sufferers to seek help in the form of aesthetic treatments, such as non-surgical injectables.

Treating excessive sweating is actually incredibly simple, and more often than not it’s effective in reducing or even stopping sweat from being produced in the areas which cause concern. For most sufferers, the hands and armpits are the most common areas, and these two places are simple to treat using non-surgical injectables, such as Botox.

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis as it’s officially called, causes the body to produce more sweat than is needed. This can result in embarrassing and often unwanted physical problems, where the patient is left needing to change clothes or their lifestyle in order to hide the condition.

It’s not uncommon, although more men do seem to suffer with it, and whilst not detrimental to the health of the sufferer, it is often unwelcome. The condition can arise from hormonal changes or overactive sweat glands, although in many cases the exact reasons for excessive sweat being produced is unknown.

How do non-surgical injectables help treat excessive sweating?

Simply put, non-surgical injectables paralyse the glands that produce sweat. During treatment for excessive sweating, Botox is injected in to the affected sweat glands, blocking them and stopping them from producing sweat entirely.

The injections are non-surgical and painless as a numbing cream is used, and patients can return to their life and work immediately. Of course there are limitations to what non-surgical injectables to treat excessive sweating can do, and managing expectations is important to a fulfilling experience.

How long do the non-surgical injectables take to work?

In some cases non-surgical injectables can have an immediate effect, although a week or two is required for the full effects to be seen. You will likely need repeat treatments to improve the results and maintain them thereafter.

Do the results of non-surgical injectables for excessive sweating last a long time?

On average, patients can expect the results of non-surgical injectables such as Botox for excessive sweating to last around 3-6 months. This is entirely dependent on the patient, but you will be given an indication of the treatment’s results during consultation.

Where can I have treatment such as non-surgical injectables for hyperhidrosis?

  • At APSARAS Clinic we offer patients from across the UK treatment of excessive sweating using non-surgical injectables like Botox.
  • Treating patients from across the Midlands, APSARAS Clinic is based in Coventry but treats patients from surrounding cities including Nottingham, Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Wolverhampton and Stafford.
  • We welcome male and female patients, and ensure all treatment plans are tailored specifically to your needs.
  • We aim to meet your expectations but safety is a priority, so if non-surgical injectables for hyperhidrosis are not appropriate for your symptoms, we can suggest other treatments that may be suitable.

Book your consultation for non-surgical injectables help treat excessive sweating online now, or call our clinic’s reception team for more information.