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What to expect from a cosmetic consultation

Before undergoing any form of non-surgical skin rejuvenation or anti-ageing treatment it’s important to know what to expect from a cosmetic consultation. Whether you decide to rejuvenate your skin with platelet rich plasma therapy or a chemical peel, or you want to have your lines and wrinkles reduced with one of the variety of anti-ageing injectables on offer, the aesthetics team at APSARAS Clinic will be on hand so you’re fully aware of what to expect from your consultation – and the subsequent treatments you undergo.

Dr. Thevendra from APSARAS Clinic in Coventry has put together his top tips for what to expect from a cosmetic consultation, including what to ask and how to get the most from your experience with the clinic.

Before the consultation

To understand what to expect from your consultation, it’s helpful to do a little research prior to both deciding on your treatment, and booking the appointment with the clinic. It’s good to have an idea of what you believe your problem area/s to be, and to have a rough idea of what the type of treatment you want will cost. Is it affordable? Will it improve your self-esteem? etc

During the consultation

  • This is your time to ask questions and be informed. During the consultation, Dr. Thevendra will take on board your concerns and your wishes, and then tailor a treatment plan to address your needs. This may include offering a different form of treatment from what you initially expected (e.g. you may require dermal fillers to improve facial volume, rather than Botox which will only reduce new lines from forming) or a combination of several non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments to get the best result.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to see examples of previous treatments performed within the clinic. If you want to know how many years your chosen cosmetic doctor has been performing this treatment – ask!
  • If you’re feeling confused or worried about any part of the treatment/s make sure you speak up – the consultation is not just about meeting your doctor, it’s about your happiness in the long term.
  • Don’t forget to ask about the recovery times, as you’ll need to factor this into your decision making process. If you’ve got a big event in a week’s time, a chemical peel isn’t a great idea. Perhaps explain why you are opting for treatment to allow your cosmetic expert to tailor your treatment plan further.
  • Remember to ask about the results in advance; how long will they last, will you need top-up treatments to maintain the look. For example, Botox is great at keeping lines and wrinkles at bay as an anti-ageing treatment, but if you want to maintain the look it’s not a one-off process. You’ll require repeat treatments every 4-6 months. This can be costly over time, but its semi-permanent nature also means if you dislike the results you can opt to stop treatment.
  • Ask about the risks as well as the rewards. Non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments, for example, are simple, quick and relatively low risk, but as with ALL cosmetic treatments there are some risks and side-effects you should take into consideration. Always ask your practitioner about the associated risks with your chosen treatment and go away to think it over.
  • Don’t feel pressured into make a decision, and always go with your gut instinct. If you don’t feel the treatment is right for you after all post consultation you aren’t obliged to undergo it. Your safety and happiness is the most important thing.

For more information about anti-ageing treatments like dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections, or booking a consultation contact the clinic today by telephone on 02476 693700.