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Fight Acne With The Help of Lustre Pure Light Treatment

Acne is an extremely common issue that many people (of all ages) suffer with. So much so, that acne is actually the most common skin condition in the world. It can be extremely hard to find the right method of treatment that helps you reduce the appearance of acne, and leaves many suffers feeling frustrated and unhappy with the way their skin looks. If this sounds familiar to you then Lustre Pure Light Treatment might be the right option in your fight against acne prone skin.

Know your stuff

The basics: Lustre Pure Light treatment is the latest in light supported acne treatment and harnesses the power of a blue light technology that is proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne without any harmful UV rays penetrating the skin.
How it works: Lustre Pure Light treatment uses a specialised blue light that gives off a precise wavelength that is scientifically proven to kill off the bacteria the causes acne. This is done by using the formulated wavelength to react with the chemical porphyrin that can be found within acne. Once the light and porphyrin come into contact the chemical begins to get excited and this reaction causes the bacteria that caused acne to die.

Results: The treatment is extremely effective with many different forms of acne, and can give outstanding results for the patients. The treatment is recommended by many dermatologists and carries no known risks due to its non-invasive nature and safe light technology. Lustre Pure Light treatment patients can expect to see an improvement to the look and feel of their skin which patients may not experience with other acne treatments. Lustre Pure Light treatment is also very gentle of the skin, which is a huge positive as many patients that undergo Lustre Pure Light treatment have damaged or sensitive skin as a result of their problem skin. Lustre Pure Light treatment kills the bacteria in a clean and gentle way which will not cause further harm to the skin. Finally, the treatment can also help patients restore their confidence. Suffering with acne is an issue that can have a huge impact on a patient’s self-esteem, and as a result Pure Light treatment does its best to help patients feel happier with their skin and restore their confidence.

Dr Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic, Coventry, had this to say about the treatment.

“Many patients I have treatment with Lustre Pure Light treatment have tried many different forms of acne treatments from home remedies to other forms of cosmetic treatments for acne with no or little results and are amazed by the results that can be achieved with the help Lustre Pure Light treatment. I personally believe in this treatment so much as an acne treatment and I’m always happy to perform the treatment. Over the past few years I have seen an increase in the number of patients coming forward for Lustre Pure Light treatment, and I think it’s down to a change in the public’s view on cosmetic treatments. The cosmetic industry is something that is now much more prominent within our culture and westernised society, more than ever before, which I think is a great thing as patients are now more informed about what options are out there to help them improve an issue they may suffer with. I’d encourage any acne suffer to investigate Lustre Pure Light Treatment more of book a consultation with me.”

If you are interested in learning more about what Lustre Pure Light Treatment can do for you then book your consultation with APSARAS Clinic today and start your journey to a acne-free you.