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Fight Acne This Summer At APSARAS Clinic

Dealing with acne prone skin can be a real hardship, and this is no more apparent than when summer comes around. The hot weather can force us to ditch our trusty skin products that offer us full coverage for much lighter ones, which can leave many of us feeling self conscious about our skin. If you feel it’s time to take control of your skin, APSARAS clinic has the acne treatments to help you.

Lustre Pure Light Treatment

Many of us who suffer with acne prone skin bask in the summer sun as it is well known that sunlight has acne fighting properties, however we also now know about the harmful UVA and UVB rays that sunlight contains too. Fortunately APSARAS clinic offers Lustre Pure Light treatment resolve this conflict.

Lustre Pure Light is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to vastly improve the look of acne prone skin through a natural and risk free process. Lustre Pure Light utilises the power of a natural blue light to effectively mimic the acne fighting properties of the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. The treatment works as the blue light stimulates a chemical in the skin called porphyrin, which effectively kills the bacteria that causes acne, leaving patients with a visibly improved look to their skin.

Lustre Pure Light treatment is a great cosmetic treatment for those looking to improve the look of acne prone skin for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that it provides patients with a natural and risk-free solution to their acne. The treatment harnesses a natural blue light that has no know side-effects, and when paired with the non-surgical and contactless format of the treatment means that patients can gain the results they want in a safe way. Lustre Pure Light treatment is also quick and convenient. With an average procedure of time of just 30-45 minutes and no recovery time needed Lustre Pure Light is the perfect treatment for patients with busy lifestyles.


As many acne sufferers will know fighting the bacteria that causes the skin condition is only half the battle. Another potential problem of acne prone skin is the scarring and marks that acne can leave on the skin. This can be a really hard issue to tackle and can leave many sufferers feeling hopeless in their pursuit for clear skin. APSARAS clinic offers eDermastamp treatment to fight this.

eDermastamp is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the look various skin imperfections, including acne scarring by stimulating the body’s collagen production. eDermastamp treatment does this by puncturing the surface of the skin with hundreds of micro needles, which helps to improve the skin repairing time and force the production of collagen, resulting in a smoother appearance to the skin.

eDermastamp is an effective treatment for acne scarring for a number of reasons. One of these is that eDermastamp allows patients to improve the look of their skin with elements found naturally in the body. This is a huge positive for many patients as it means they can improve the condition of their skin without the need to put “unnatural” ingredients into their body. eDermastamp is also the perfect treatment for patients with busy lifestyles. With an average treatment time of just 30 minutes and no recovery time necessary, the treatment is perfect for patients on the go.

Seeking treatment

Dr. Thevendra is the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS clinic and is also a leading provider of both the acne treatments mentioned in this article. This is the advice he had for patients looking to undergo either of the treatments:

“If Lustre Pure Light or eDermastamp seem like the right option for you, I would strongly suggest gathering as much information as possible before undergoing treatment. This means carrying out research on the risks involved with treatment as well as who is the ideal provider of the treatment for you. A great way to find out this information is to sit a consultation with an experienced practitioner. This is will not only give you the chance to gain the information you need to make an informed decision about the treatment, but also gives you an insight into the working style of the cosmetic professional. This is essential in order to judge whether the practitioner is someone you feel comfortable undergoing treatment with.”

If you would like more information on either of these treatments, book your consultation with APSARAS clinic today. Click here to contact the clinic directly.