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Fight Joint Pain With Ostenil Treatment

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, and often these activities can be physically taxing and require a high level of mobility. This can be an issue if you suffer with joint pain, and it can easily tarnish your enjoyment of the summer weather. If you have had enough of being restricted by your joint pain then ostenil treatment might be for you.

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain can be caused by a number of factors, but one of biggest contributing elements is the breakdown of synovial fluid in the joints. Synovial fluid works as a lubricant between the joint socket and ball, and reduces friction that can cause discomfort. However as we get older our body’s production of synovial fluid can reduce, leaving us with often painful friction within the joint.

What is ostenil treatment?

Ostenil treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to subdue join pain within the treated joints in order to allow patients to gain mobility and enjoy physical activities once more. Ostenil treatment involves injecting a solution containing hyaluronic acid into the space between the joint socket and ball to lubricate the area and give patients a more smooth and comfortable use of the joint.

Ostenil treatment is a great treatment for patients who suffer with chronic joint pain as it can give them back their independence and mobility,” explained Dr Thevendra, the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS clinic.

“Joint pain can be extremely taxing not just physically, but mentally too for many sufferers. Patients can often feel embarrassed for needing assistance to complete simple tasks, but with Ostenil treatment they can regain control of this issue and perform the tasks they once were restricted from performing.”
The treatment can be performed in just 30 minutes and can relieve patients from join pain for up to 12 months, making a time efficient treatment that is perfect for patients with busy lifestyles.

What risks are involved with ostenil?

When considering any treatment it is very important that you are aware of the risks involved, and ostenil treatment is no exception to this rule. Like all cosmetic treatment ostenil comes with possible risks and side-effects that patients need to be aware of before making the decision to undergo treatment. However as ostenil is a minor cosmetic treatment and harnesses natural substances such as hyaluronic acid, the risks involved with treatment are minor. The only known risk involved with ostenil treatment is the risk of infection. This is an extremely rare side-effect and isn’t something you should encounter when undergoing treatment with an experienced cosmetic professional, such as those at APSARAS clinic.

Seeking treatment

Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS clinic gave his top tips were when seeking ostenil treatment:

“When seeking treatment for joint pain, it’s vital that you carry out thorough research. Patients should not only look deeper into the risks and possible benefits of ostenil treatment, but also the practitioners offering the treatment. In order to gain the best results possible it’s extremely important that you choose the right cosmetic professional for your needs.”

“Checking not only a practitioner’s qualifications but also their experience performing your chosen treatment can help whittle down your list of potential treatment providers. However another contributing factor in choosing a cosmetic professional should be how comfortable you feel with them. A great way to gauge this is to have a consultation, which will give you some first hand experience of their working style.”

If you like more information on ostenil at APSARAS clinic, book your consultation with Dr. Thevendra today by calling ( 024 ) 7669 3700.