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Fight Unwanted Fat With Accent RF Treatment

With spring just around the corner, and many of us looking to book our summer holidays, now is the time panic begins to set in for many of us as we realise we only have a small window of time to lose our extra winter inches in time to look beach ready. It can send many of us into a weight loss frenzy which results in many becoming frustrated when those last couple of pounds just won’t budge. If this sounds familiar then Accent RF treatment might be for you. Accent RF treatment is the latest in non-surgical fat contouring treatment and aims to provide it’s patients with a pain (and hassle) free solution to their stubborn fat. Accent RF treatment is able to tackle small areas of stubborn fat by penetrating the skin with radio frequency waves which heat the unwanted fat cells. Once heated these cells can be augmented in a number of different ways to achieve the toned result many patients look for, Accent RF can reposition, reshape and even resize fat cells in order to achieve this.

Accent RF treatment offers patients an easy and convenient answer to their stubborn fat issues. The treatment comes with a wealth of benefits that send millions of patients worldwide to opt for the treatment each year,” says Dr Thevendra from APSARAS Clinic.

Accent RF treatment is also convenient for the modern working person, with no recovery time needed and a procedure time of just 30 minutes, Accent RF treatment can be fitted into almost everyone’s schedule without too much inconvenience.”

Although Accent RF does come with a wealth of benefits it is also very important to remember that Accent RF is a cosmetic treatment, and as cosmetic treatment it does come with some risks. These risks may seem minor compared to many other cosmetic treatments and procedures, but should never the less be carefully considered by anyone considering undergoing Accent RF treatment in advance of committing to the treatment. Risks involved with Accent RF treatment include ‘sun burnt’ redness to the areas of application immediately following treatment, and a warm sensation. These side-effects are temporary and usually fully subside within a couple of days following treatment.

“Like any cosmetic treatment the results differ from case to case and amount of sittings needed to achieve the desired result differs too. For most people, a course of 4-6 sittings of Accent RF treatment is needed in order to gain the best possible results. This will be discussed in further detail during your consultation once your cosmetic professional has examined the area of treatment and discussed the results you wish to achieve,” added Dr. Thevendra.

If you are considering undergoing Accent RF treatment or any other cosmetic treatment it is of the up most importance to find the right cosmetic professional to perform the procedure. Finding someone who is not only qualified but has the experience and knowledge to advise you through your treatment is paramount to achieving the best results possible. Dr. Thevendra is one of the leading providers of Accent RF treatment in the country and has provided outstanding results to his patients with Accent RF treatment specifically for a number of years.

If you would like more information on Accent RF treatment with APSARAS Clinic then book your consultation today.