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Fighting Acne With Acne Treatments In Coventry With APSARAS Clinic

Acne is a common skin condition, yet it can be notoriously hard to fight. There are plenty of over-the-counter products and home remedies out there that claim to have acne fighting properties, but many of them don’t live up to their claims. It can easily leave you feeling frustrated and defeated in your pursuit of clear skin, so if you feel it’s time you took a stand against your acne prone skin, APSARAS may have the answer for you – acne treatments in Coventry.

Lustre Pure Light

The first acne treatment that Coventry-based APSARAS clinic offers is Lustre Pure Light. In order to determine whether this treatment is the right option for you, you must first understand what the treatment is, how it works, and how it could benefit you.

Lustre Pure Light is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that allows patients to improve the look of skin conditions, including acne, whilst only using natural elements to do so. We all know that the sun has acne fighting qualities, but we also know that the sunlight carries harmful UV rays too. Lustre Pure Light treatment uses the principle of the sun’s acne fighting nature, whilst eradicating the harmful rays. The treatment does this through a natural blue light that mimics the sun’s beneficial properties.

Lustre Pure Light treatment is an effective solution to acne as the treatments stimulates a chemical called porphyrin in the skin. When this chemical comes into contact with light it becomes stimulated, and effectively kills the acne causing bacteria.

There are many reasons why Lustre Pure Light is an effective solution to acne prone skin. For example, thanks to the use of natural elements and non-surgical format, the treatment comes with dramatically lower risks than many alternatives. Lustre Pure Light also comes with a treatment time that reflects the busy world we live in – the treatment can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time, making it the perfect acne treatment for the modern patient.


If you are currently, or have previously suffered with acne, you will know that fighting the bacteria is only half of the battle. Scarring, discolouration and other skin imperfections are common side-effects patients suffer with after an acne condition. It can make many sufferers feel cheated, as they’ve beaten one skin issue only to replace it with another. Fortunately, this issue can be tackled with the help of eDermastamp.

eDermastamp is a non-surgical treatment that aims to improve the look of skin imperfections like acne scarring by stimulating the growth of collagen within the skin. The treatment does this by puncturing the top layers of skin with microneedles, which effectively encourages the skin to speed up the repairing time and also stimulates collagen growth, resulting in a visibly improved look to acne scarring and other imperfections.

What makes eDermastamp treatment a great solution to acne scarring is that it encourages the body’s natural defence against scarring to kick-start. This means your skin will regain the resilience it had before your acne condition, resulting in a healthy look to the skin. In addition to this, stimulating collagen in the skin through eDermastamp can also help improve the signs of ageing within the skin, as collagen can help to restore volume to the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Seeking acne treatment

Finding the right cosmetic professional to perform your treatment can be one of the hardest part of any cosmetic treatment. To answer the question of who you should trust to perform your acne treatment, we called on the expertise of APSARAS’s cosmetic doctor, Dr. Thevendra, who said:

“Finding the right cosmetic professional to administer your acne treatment has the same principles as any other form of cosmetic treatment. You should only trust your treatment in the hands of fully qualified, experienced and reputable practitioners. If you are seeking acne treatments in Coventry or the surrounding areas there really is no better place than APSARAS clinic. Our team are experienced and well respected providers of acne treatments and always aim to provide our patients with the highest level of results.”

If you would like more information on acne treatment in Coventry, book your consultation with APSARAS clinic today, by calling (024) 7669 3700.