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Dermal fillers for wrinkles in West Midlands.

Treating the eyes with dermal fillers for wrinkles in West Midlands 

If you’re unhappy with ageing around the eyes, dermal fillers for wrinkles in West Midlands at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry could provide you with the answer. We treat patients looking for antiaging injectable treatments from areas around the middle of the UK including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Solihull.

Offering a variety of different dermal fillers in West Midlands, at the Coventry cosmetic clinic, Dr Thevendra and his team of medical professionals can help you reduce wrinkles around the eyes and is fine lines which may be as a result of ageing or sun damage.

It’s fair to say that dermal fillers in West Midlands are the hot topic of the cosmetic landscape right now. Super popular with celebrities and increasingly popular with members of the public – due to the long lasting results and quick treatment times – anti ageing injectables such as dermal fillers are the cosmetic treatment of the moment.

Unlike invasive surgical procedures to reduce ageing around the upper face and eye area, dermal fillers for wrinkles provide a quick and non-surgical solution which many patients find to be the perfect cosmetic treatment. At the clinic we provide different kinds of anti ageing injectable treatments because it’s important that every patient is treated as an individual and a bespoke anti-ageing plan is made for each and every patient walks through our doors.

Dermal fillers in West Midlands can include Profhilo: The latest and most popular member of the facial filler family. Helping to reduce and eight the skin from the inside out this innovative and brand-new type of anti ageing injectable is perfect for reducing lines and wrinkles around the eyes which may be as a result of either sun damage or the ageing process itself.

Profhilo arrived at the Coventry cosmetic clinic this year and has already been improving the self-esteem of numerous patients who visit us from across the West Midlands including areas such as Birmingham, Nuneaton, Wolverhampton, and Nottingham, says Dr Thevendra.

“Many of the patients who are choosing this form of dermal filler treatment for wrinkles in West Midlands are delighted with the quick and impressive results they are saying within a short space of time.

 “This is a unique form of anti ageing injectable which we are delighted to be offering our patients at the clinic, and we welcome all new patients who are interested in trying Profhilo dermal filler free 30 minute consultation to learn more about what this form of anti ageing treatment can offer,” he concludes.

More information about Profhilo dermal fillers for wrinkle West Midlands

Fancy learning more about Profhilo or dermal fillers for wrinkle in the West Midlands? Why not book a complimentary free consultation with a member of our highly skilled team who will be delighted to talk you through what this unique and innovative anti-ageing treatment can offer you.

There is no obligation to book a dermal filler treatment, of course, and we will only pursue wrinkle reduction treatments should you decide it is definitely something you wish to undergo. Call the clinic today for more information.