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Four anti ageing treatments using dermal filler

Dermal filler anti ageing treatments offer more than you think

Anti-ageing treatments have become big business for cosmetic clinics, with thousands of patients flocking to clinics across the UK each year.

Dermal fillers are now widely regarded as the most popular anti-ageing treatments available, and at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry we see many patients from across the West Midlands seeking non-surgical solutions to common ageing concerns.

Treating patients from Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester, Dr. Thevendra and the aesthetic experts at APSARAS Clinic are able to rejuvenate the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles with injectable treatments.

Not only that, but in many cases dermal filler injections can also be used to augment areas of the face, including the cheeks and lips, to provide or restore youthful volume. Anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections can be used in combination too.

Dr. Thevendra has put together four popular uses for dermal filler injections, including how they can be used to volumise as well as rejuvenate the face.

Lip augmentation

Popular with celebrities, lip fillers have made the headlines a lot of late. Quick to perform and (in the right quantities) offering natural looking results, lip augmentation using dermal fillers can provide restorative volume or create volume that the lips may naturally be lacking.

As an anti-ageing treatment they’re likely to become even more popular.

Wrinkle reduction

One of the most popular uses for dermal fillers is as a wrinkle reduction treatment. Commonly administered in lines and creases around the eyes and mouth, anti-ageing treatments like dermal fillers are reliable and versatile, making them ideal for fine lines and crows feet.

Results are natural-looking and can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other wrinkle reductions treatments such as Botox.

Cheek volumisation

The mid section of the face can be naturally hollow, but in many cases patients lose volume from the cheeks in their forties and upwards. Anti-ageing treatments that are non-surgical don’t always offer long term results, but dermal filler treatment can be helpful in volumising the mid face without the need for painful cosmetic surgery and cheek augmentation.

This form of facial rejuvenation treatment is more and more popular with women, and is ideal for those not ready for cosmetic surgery.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

OK so this isn’t an anti-ageing treatment per say, but did you know dermal fillers can be used to reshape the nose? Far from being a new treatment, non-surgical nose jobs have become more commonplace in the last few years, and many patients choose to undergo this minor procedure instead of rhinoplasty surgery if they only need to correct a minor issue.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments are quick and can be performed within your lunch hour. Risks and complications are low, but you’ll need to return for top-up injections every 18 months to maintain the aesthetic result, as the body naturally breaks down HA dermal fillers.

Booking your anti-ageing treatments consultation

Come and meet the team at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry for a full consultation. Treating patients from across the West Midlands, including cities such as Derby, Birmingham, Leicester and Solihull, Dr. Thevendra has a cosmetic treatment to suit your needs – no surgery needed.

During the initial meeting you’ll be able to ask questions and discover more about the anti-ageing treatment you’ve decided on, as well as the risks and complications you may experience. Book your consultation now!