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Get A Flat Tummy For Summer With Aqualyx Treatment

For many of us the struggle is well and truly on to get our bodies in top condition in time to bare all on our summer holiday. However sometimes a healthy eating routine and regular exercise will only go so far and many of us still find we have little areas of unwanted fat that will not budge. In these cases you can feel hopeless and frustrated that your hard work hasn’t paid off, but it doesn’t have to be like this thanks to Aqualyx treatment, now available at APSARAS Clinic, Coventry.

Aqualyx treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to breakdown small areas of stubborn fat in order to allow patients to achieve the slender and tones appearance they have worked hard for. Aqualyx is a water based cosmetic injectable that contains natural ingredients that are proven to combat against stubborn fat. Aqualyx treatment works by binding with the fat cells within the area of the body it is injected into; once the solution has bound itself to fat cell walls it then ruptures the cell and forces the fatty content to leak out. The fat that is extracted from the cells is then dissolved by the Aqualyx solution and is removed from the patient’s body through their urine.

Thanks to Aqualyx’s natural ingredients and simple treatment guidelines the risks involved in the treatment are dramatically lower than many other cosmetic fat treatments on the market. However, this doesn’t mean Aqualyx is risk free and the risks the treatment does include should still be taken very seriously by patients. The biggest risks those undergoing Aqualyx treatment face is the risk of infection; this is extremely rare to encounter and can be avoided by undergoing treatment with a qualified and experienced cosmetic professional – as always strongly suggested. Although patients do run the risk in infection with Aqualyx treatment the treatment does also boast a number of positives too. For example, Aqualyx treatment is quick and convenient. With an average procedure time of just 30 minutes and no recovery time needed, Aqualyx treatment can be sat within a patient’s lunch break with no negative effect on their productivity throughout the rest of the day. This is a huge plus for many patients as it means that patients can gain the fat combating results they want without the need to undergo a surgical procedure.

Another positive of Aqualyx treatment is that it uses natural methods to combat stubborn fat. Many patients that undergo Aqualyx treatment choose the procedure as the water-based solution contains natural ingredients that can already be found in the body; this is a huge plus as patients can’t have an allergic reaction to the injectable as a result.

Aqualyx does have a wealth of benefits but it is still important that patients look at the treatment in a realistic way. This means having realistic expectation from what the treatment can provide them. Aqualyx is designed to tackle small areas of stubborn fat and not larger areas of fat; this should be considered by all patients in order determine whether Aqualyx is the right treatment for them.

Dr. Thevendra a cosmetic doctor at APSARAS and had this to say about the treatment.

Aqualyx is a wonderful treatment that is perfect to tackle those last areas of stubborn fat in the run up to summer. However, if you are considering the treatment, it’s vital that you trust your treatment with a qualified, established and experienced cosmetic professional. Although there are much less risks involved with Aqualyx treatment compared to some fat removal and augmenting treatments it’s still important that patients take the appropriate safety precautions and do their research.”

If you would like more information on Aqualyx treatment then book your consultation with APSARAS clinic today.