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Get A Flatter Tummy This Summer

Get A Flatter Tummy This Summer

Have you booked your sunshine getaway yet? Summer is now officially here and the struggle to get beach ready is more present than ever. Loose skin and fat on the tummy is one of the most common issues people deal with at this time of year. However, with such a small window of time before many of us embark on our summer holidays you may think that there isn’t much you can do, but you would be wrong. APSARAS Clinic offers non-surgical treatments to help you gain the flat tummy you’ve been dreaming of.


We all know that looking good in your swimsuit takes dedication. Many of us spend numerous hours in the run up to summer in the gym trying to shift those extra couple of pounds that we’ve put on during the colder months. However for some of us shifting those last couple of pounds of stubborn fat can be a real hardship. Luckily APSARAS Clinic offers Aqualyx treatment to tackle this issue. Aqualyx is a water based cosmetic injectable that aims to fight small areas of unwanted and stubborn fat. Aqualyx treatment works by removing the fatty content of the fat cells through the patient’s urine to gain a slimmer appearance to the site of treatment. The treatment involves injecting the solution into the area of treatment; once injected the substance with attach and bind itself to the fat cell walls. Following this the Aqualyx solution will rupture the cell and dissolve the fatty deposit that is released. Once dissolved the fat is then removed from the body in a natural way. The great thing about Aqualyx treatment is that is harness natural ingredients within a water-based solution in order to give patients a more natural alternative to fat removal. The treatment is also quick and convenient, with an average treatment time of just thirty minutes and no recovery time needed it’s the perfect treatment for patients with busy lifestyles. Aqualyx’s injectable nature also means that it comes with dramatically lower risks involved with treatment than many of its surgical counterparts. Quick, effective and natural, Aqualyx treatment is perfect for any patient wanting to remove small areas of fat in a time period that suits their busy schedule.

Accent RF

Sometimes what you need to gain the flat tummy you desire isn’t fat removal but help toning. A toned and defined tummy has long been considered an attractive feature, and one many of us devote hours in the pursuit of. However for some this goal isn’t accomplished due a small area of stubborn fat. Fortunately APSARAS Clinic offers radiofrequency treatment to combat this. Accent RF treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that aims to improve the tone of the area of treatment by contouring the fat cells within the site of application. Accent RF treatment does this by heating the fat cells with radio frequency wavelengths to a temperature in which they can be augmented. Once heated, these fat cells can be tweaked in a number of different ways including reshaping, repositioning and even striking them in order to gain the desired results. The wonderful thing about Accent RF treatment is that it gives patients the visually improved results they want whilst also substantially deducing the risks involved with treatment. Thanks to Accent RF’s non-surgical and non-invasive nature the treatment almost eradicated the chance of infection completely and gives patients a way to restore tone to their tummy in a safe way. Effective, good for toning, and safe, Accent RF treatment is perfect for patients looking to restore tone to the tummy in a safe and non-surgical way.

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