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Get Summer Body Ready With Accent RF Treatment

With the weather now warming up many of us are now wondering how to look good in time for summer. A major part of this is making an improvement to the look the unwanted fat you gained throughout the winter months. You may have already made a big improvement to the look of your body but sometimes those last couple of inches of fat can be really hard to shift. No matter how much you stick to your healthy eating and exercise plan those last couple of pound just won’t go and it can be extremely frustrating. If this sounds familiar then don’t worry; Accent RF treatment might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Accent RF treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the look of stubborn unwanted fat in order to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing result the treated area for the patient. Accent RF treatment uses radiofrequency wavelengths to penetrate the fat cells and heat them to a temperature where they are viable for augmenting without causing damage to the surface of the skin. Once heated the fat cells can be augmented in a number of different ways in order to achieve the desired result; these options include reshaping, repositioning and even shrinking fat cells in order to achieve this.

The great thing about Accent RF treatment is that it allows patients to achieve the body contouring results they are looking for within a simple and convenient treatment that doesn’t involve surgical intervention. The treatment is perfect for those with busy lifestyles too; with a procedure time of just 30 minutes and no recovery time needed it can easily be fitted into your busy schedule without too much hassle. Following treatment patients may experience side-effects such as a red look to the skin and a warm sensation in the place of treatment, but these usually subside within a couple of hours following treatment.

When considering Accent RF treatment it’s very important that patients keep in mind that the treatment is a fat contouring treatment and not a fat removal procedure. This is important as Accent RF treatment was created to combat the look of small areas of stubborn fat and not large areas of fat. Patients should keep this in mind when considering the treatment and have realistic expectation of what results Accent RF treatment can provide.

Dr. Thevendra is the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS cosmetic clinic and is also very experienced at performing Accent RF treatment. This is what he had to say about the treatment:

Accent RF treatment is a great treatment for this time of year. Many of us just need that extra helping hand to achieve the results we want when it comes to getting beach body ready and Accent RF treatment can certainly help. The treatment lack of risks and minor side-effects is also an element that appeals to many people. However it is still very important to take every safety measure possible. If you are considering undergoing Accent RF treatment then I strongly suggest seeking the advice and skills of a qualified cosmetic professional that has experience with the treatment, such as myself. This will ensure you gain the best possible results from your treatment and allow you to experience the highest level of care during your treatment to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.”

If you would like more information on Accent RF treatment then book your consultation with Dr. Thevendra today.