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Help Stiff Joints With Ostenil Treatment

Do you suffer with stiff uncomfortable joints? Do it make you miss out on things you love or prevent you trying something new? Maybe you suffer from Osteoarthritis?

Life can be tough coping with stiffness of the joints and can really limit your ability to carry out day to day work. We understand it’s not a nice situation to be put into and it can leave you feeling a bit hopeless in terms of what you can do to help, or improve your state of mobility. There is an option out there for you called Ostenil Treatment.

Ostenil Treatment is a procedure that allows you to regain some mobility back and ease the pain or discomfort you may feel from your joints. This non-surgical procedure works by injecting a specially formulated liquid between the joint which is causing discomfort to replace the natural solution to allow easy join movement we lose over time.

This treatment is suitable for those suffering with Osteoarthritis or a form of extreme stiffness of the joints. Like all procedures your health will be taken into context as well of your lifestyle choices in order to make sure that you are suitable for this procedure. These elements will be checked over but you doctor, surgeon or cosmetic professional.

Like any treatment there are risks involved with this procedure. Due to its non-surgical nature the chances of infection are dramatically lowered, and the risks with anesthesia is eradicated. Some side-effects of this treatment include redness and swelling both of which will go down within a couple of hours. It is due to this along with the warm sensation some patients experience that is advised to put the joint on ice after application for at least 30 minutes.

There are clear positives to this treatment, firstly the improvement of the mobility of the patient. Stiff joints can make it hard for suffered to deal with simple daily fast without sometimes excruciating pain or discomfort. Ostenil temporarily relieves that strain from the patient’s life so they can go about their life the same as others.

The second is the impact it can have on your life. this treatment you will be free to try out most things you’ve felt held back from doing before.

When thinking about undergoing a procedure such as this it can be hard to know who to pick to perform your treatment. Naturally you want the best qualified and experienced professional with a well-known and respected reputation but where can you find that special one? Dr. Thevendra is a cosmetic doctor who has been based in Coventry city for over 28 years. With 15 years experience, Dr. Thevendra is also a founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors – proving he is a well-known and respected member of the cosmetic community.

Dr. Thevendra has a specialised interest in combination treatments and medical micro-needling as well providing many more procedures. He is known for is professionally and attention to detail with each and every patient he treats. It is due to this strong work ethic that Dr. Thevendra has become a one stop shop for many people’s non-surgical needs.

If you would like more information of Ostenil Treatment or any other non-surgical treatments including skin peels, face rejuvenation and vein treatments, book your consultation today with Dr. Thevendra.