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Knowing how to reduce wrinkles

How to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

We hear from many patients wanting to now how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. The truth is this all depends on your age and what you wish to specifically achieve.

Men and women of all ages visit APSARAS Clinic seeking facial rejuvenation treatments, including wrinkle reduction treatments for around the eyes.

The eyes are a popular area to seek facial rejuvenation treatments, with common concerns including fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin.

What causes wrinkles to form around the eyes?

Ageing is the most common reason for fine lines and wrinkles to form around the eyes. Creases in the skin form as a result of muscle movement below the surface of the skin, and a reduction in collagen production. Collagen is vital to the plumpness and firmness of skin.

Do we all get wrinkles round the eyes?

Some people age better than others – this is down to lifestyle and genetics. It’s inevitable that both men and women will start to see ageing signs such as fine lines around the eyes.

What age do wrinkles become more obvious?

Usually by the mid thirties we begin to see noticeable changes to the firmness and texture of the skin.

Treatments to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

At APSARAS Clinic we have various methods of skin rejuvenation that can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. You can visit the treatments pages to find out more specific information.

Dermal fillers in Coventry are a reliable and tested method for smoothing the skin around the eyes. The injectables can help to reduce lines and fill wrinkles. You can read more about the specific types of dermal fillers we offer here.

Botox injections are another method of skin rejuvenation – you can read more about them here. We use muscle relaxing injections to prevent new lines from forming, usually above the eyes, in the forehead.

Chemical skin peels are another effective skin rejuvenation method to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. You can opt for a chemical skin peel as a standalone treatment or as part of a wider treatment plan with dermal fillers.

Getting more information

Would you like more information on how to reduce wrinkles around the eyes? We would be delighted to meet you and discuss your individual needs.

Each patient is different, and what works for one may not be suitable for another. Book a free consultation with Dr Thevendra to learn more about your options.

You can email us to arrange a consultation or to find out more information about dermal fillers, chemical skin peels and Botox injections in Coventry.