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Lip Augmentation At APSARAS Clinic


Lip Augmentation At APSARAS Clinic

The media is full of images of full-lipped beauties and has been for many years. Whether it’s Jade Jagger’s full pout gracing the catwalk or Angelina Jolie’s bee stung lips on the silver screen.

Full lips are a concept of femininity that has been perpetuated for years and years and if you’re not born with naturally full lips, it can be a real source of annoyance. You can try all the tricks in the book to achieve full lips with makeup but it doesn’t provide a permanent result that you might wish for.

So, when makeup doesn’t work, what other option do you have to achieve that full lip? Maybe it’s time to think about taking a cosmetic route in the form of non-surgical lip augmentation.

Non-surgical lip augmentation is a cosmetic treatment that involves a cosmetic filler being injected into the lips in order to plump up the appearance. It’s a simple procedure that offers you the fuller lips you are looking for without the need to opt for more drastic surgical options. It makes much more sense and most people are eligible for this treatment.

Whether you have always been unhappy with the thinness or your lips or have simply lost some volume to your lips over the years, non-surgical lip augmentation can solve these issues. When considering lip augmentation, a lot of people can worry about how natural the results will look and they are within good reason. Most of us do not want our cosmetic treatments to be obvious or too dramatically different to the point where we don’t look like ourselves anymore. Non-surgical lip augmentation can give you the natural look to your lips that most of us are looking for.

There is another option to surgery, called ‘Cinderella lips’. Cinderella lips is a non-surgical injection that is injected into the lip-line in order to plump them up in a similar way to other fillers, but they only last for 24-48 hours – hence the name of the treatment.This enables you to test whether you like the results of fillers before committing to a longer lasting filler.

On average lip fillers last for 6-12 months, so making sure you will like the results you are left with is a smart move – not just for your bank balance, but for your self-esteem too. Pursuing with a non-surgical lip augmentation does have its positives and it can do amazing things for your self-confidence.

Having thin or thinning lips can be a real knock to your confidence. Lips are a noticeable feature and it is known that the lips of a female should be plump and ‘kissable’ So, if you’re not blessed with natural full lips it can make you feel almost unfeminine a unattractive.

Alternatively if you were blessed with fuller lips in your youth and you’ve noticed a loss of volume in your lips, this treatment can help restore your full lip again. Some may say it’s just a natural part of getting older and that’s true but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to let your face lose its volume yet. Non-surgical lip augmentation can help you fight these issue you may face and help you rebuild the self-confidence you’ve lost along the way.

If lip augmentation is something you are considering or would like more information on, we would suggest booking a consultation with Dr. Thevenda of APSARAS Aesthetic Practice. With a specialised interest in combination treatments as well as medical micro-needling, Dr. Thevendra is a well-respected and ever professional member of the cosmetic community and he always put the safety of his patients first.

If you would more information of lip augmentation or any other non-surgical treatment, book your consultation with Dr. Thevendra today.