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Look youthful with anti ageing treatments in Coventry

Looking more youthful is easy with anti-ageing treatments in West Midlands and Dr. Thevendra offers numerous types of anti wrinkle treatments at APSARAS Clinic, Coventry. Treating wrinkles and ageing brown spots is no trouble – book a consultation to find out more.

Helping both male and female patients from across the UK – in locations such as Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and Solihull – the expert team of aesthetic doctors and skin experts are highly trained in offering bespoke and tailored treatment plans.

Designed not only to turn back the clock, but also reignite your self-esteem, the anti-ageing treatments and cosmetic procedures offered by APSARAS Clinic are proven to make a real difference to common ageing concerns.

Lines and wrinkles, dark circles and hyperpigmentation; even facial thread veins can be a thing of the past thanks to the unique skin rejuvenation treatments offered by the cosmetic clinic in Coventry.

Why choose anti-ageing treatments in Coventry?

Anti-ageing treatments in West Midlands have come a long way since Botox and muscle relaxing injections were introduced to patients. Whereas results of injectable treatments were often unnatural or ‘obvious looking’, the vast array of non-surgical aesthetic treatments for lines and wrinkles on the face are better than ever.

Which form of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment is suitable for you is determined during a one on one consultation with Dr. Thevendra or a member of the cosmetic team here at APSARAS Clinic. There’s no quick fix for some ageing skin concerns, so it’s important a full skin care analyses is conducted before any procedures are offered.

Is APSARAS Clinic the best place for treatment?

Unlike other clinics that offer a standard approach to treatments, we’re passionate about bespoke treatment plans, and making sure the skin rejuvenation treatment you undergo is not only right for your concerns – such as crows feet – but also makes a marked difference to your self confidence – we want you to feel fantastic!

We believe in safety and honesty here at Coventry aesthetics clinic, and for that reason we offer all new patients a totally free of charge initial consultation. Keen to ensure you’re getting the service and treatment you deserve, the consultation is a reliable way to make sure you understand the cosmetic treatment you’re opting for.

Why choose APSARAS Clinic?

Whether it’s dermal fillers, facial volumisers, or muscle relaxing injections, you can be sure you’ll be offered expert advice in a medical setting. Anti-ageing treatments may not involve cosmetic surgery in West Midlands, but they are medical treatments. You should seek the advice, skills and experience of a west established and well-practised cosmetic doctor.

With many years of experience both as a GP and as a cosmetic doctor, Dr. Thevendra is a highly respected figure in the cosmetic industry. He’s been treating male and female patients seeking dermal filler treatments, wrinkle reduction and muscle relaxing injections – such as Botox – and chemical skin peels for many years.

Book a consultation to learn more

As well as injectable anti-ageing treatments, Dr. Thevendra and the team also offer energy-assisted treatments and solutions for conditions such as adult acne, hyperpigmentation and age/brown spots, thread veins, and rosacea.

Even excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be a thing of the past at APSARAS Clinic. For more information on anti-ageing treatments in Coventry, book a consultation at our Coventry Clinic  with the real skin experts, and make a change for the better this summer.