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Is Lustre Pure Light the Answer to your Acne Prone Skin?

Living with acne prone skin can be hard; especially at this time of year, as the weather begins to take a turn towards autumn it can be difficult for your skin to adjust. This change in weather can often force your skin to breakout as it tries to adapt to its new environment. If you feel it’s time you tackled your acne prone skin once and for all, there is is something you can do: Lustre Pure Light treatment. We sat down with APSARAS Clinic’s Dr. Thevendra (a leading provider of Lustre Pure Light) to talk all about the treatment.

Lustre Pure Light is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to vastly improve the look of acne prone skin by using natural aids to fight the acne-causing bacteria. The treatment does this through the use of a natural blue light. This light mimics the acne fighting properties of sunlight whilst eradicating the harmful UV rays that are present in sunlight. Lustre Pure Light works as an effective solution to acne as it stimulates a chemical called porphyrin in the skin, when stimulated, this chemical effectively kills the bacteria that causes acne in the skin.

Lustre Pure Light is great treatment for those looking to combat their acne prone skin. It gives patients an easy and convenient solution to their imperfections. The treatment can be performed in just 30 minutes and requires no recovery time, making it the perfection solution to acne for patients with busy schedules,” said Dr. Thevendra.

In addition to this, Lustre Pure Light treatment also gives patients a safe and natural answer to their acne, thanks to the treatment’s use of a natural blue light. This is a huge positive when treating acne-prone skin as it means patients can gain the result they desire without causing further damage to their skin. This use of natural methods also means that the risks involved with treatment are dramatically lower than many alternatives.

As Lustre Pure Light harnesses a natural blue light in order to treat acne prone skin, there are no known risks involved with treatment. The non-surgical and non-invasive nature of the treatment means that patients can gain the acne fighting results they want without the need to cause further damage to their skin or additional risks factors to their health. This is a huge positive to many patients as they can achieve flawless skin in a safe way.

Lustre Pure Light treatment is one of the most effective solutions against acne,” Dr. Thevendra explained. “However, patients should still carry out extensive research, not only into the treatment but also their practitioner, in order to make an informed decision whether the treatment is right for them.”

“A great way to collect information on your chosen treatment is to book a consultation with an experienced practitioner. This will allow you to gain correct information from a cosmetic professional and ask any question you may have about the treatment in the process. In addition to this you can also gain first-hand experience of the practitioner’s working style, which can be an important factor when choosing your treatment provider.”

If you would like more information on Lustre Pure Light treatment at APSARAS Clinic, book your consultation today by calling (024)7669 3700 or emailing info@apsaras.co.uk.