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Lustre Pure Light Treatment At APSARAS

Spots or acne can be a real sore point for a lot of people when it comes to their appearance. Whether the skin is still active and inflamed or you have the scars and imperfections to your skin caused by a previous acne problem, dealing with problem skin can be upsetting.

Although more common in our youth, many of us can suffer from this long past our teenage years – and have the complexes to go along with it. You’ve more than likely tried every “miracle cure” out there but you could try something that will actually work – Lustre Pure Light Treatment.

A lot of us who suffer with problem skin notice a difference to skin whilst on a sunny holiday or in the throws of summer, and that’s down to the sun. It’s medically proven that victim C and D from the sun can improve the look and feel of acne. Unfortunately sun exposure also heightens our chances of developing skin cancer. Lustre Pure Light Treatment heresies the acne treating elements the sun provides without the harmful Ultraviolet rays that causes skin cancer. Scientist found that a visible blue light of 420nm wavelength was able to provide these spot killing components without the risks the sun brings with it. This is wavelength is what Lustre Pure Light Treatment uses.

The treatment works by stimulating a chemical called porphyrin which when exited by the blue light begins to fight and kill the bacteria that causes acne. The natural blue light used in this treatment is clinically proven to eliminate the bacteria that create acne. There are no risks known to this treatment due its ultraviolet nature.

There are plenty of positives to this procedure. Firstly it can help vastly improve the look of problem skin and leave you with a smooth rejuvenated skin surface. Secondly, it treats your skin in a gentle way that will not cause any more damage to the quality of your upper dermis.

Dealing with acne can be really frustrating and leave your confidence in your appearance in pieces, with Lustre Pure Light Treatment you can rebuild you self-esteem with the security that your skin will no longer hold you back.

Like any cosmetic procedure Lustre Pure Light Treatment should be carried out by a cosmetic professional. The best when it comes to non-surgical procedures is Dr Theverndra, a doctor with over 15 year consultancy experience. He is also a founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and is at the forefront of non-surgical practice here in the UK.

The APSARAS Clinic offer the best possible level of service to its patients, throughout the consultancy, procedure and aftercare stages. With a whole host of non-surgical treatments on offer it’s easy to see why so many patients flock to APSARAS Clinic for all their cosmetic needs. High attention to detail and a renowned professional reputation make Dr Thevendra to perfect man for your cosmetic needs. If you would like more information of Lustre Pure light Treatment (or any other non-surgical procedure including skin peels, cellulite treatment and muscle relaxing injections) book your consultation with Dr Thevendra today.