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Needle v Knife: What Is The Future Of Anti-Ageing?

Needle v Knife: What Is The Future Of Anti-Ageing?

With so many cosmetic procedures available in the UK, it’s often difficult to know which is the right option.

The biggest debate is usually whether cosmetic surgery offers better results to non-surgical treatments like fillers or skin resurfacing, or whether a mixture of the two is the key to patients getting the best results.

As the UK cosmetic surgery industry is set to top £3.6 billion by 2015, there’s obviously no shortage of British patients choosing to undergo anti-ageing or appearance-enhancing treatments, but what is the future of the cosmetic and aesthetics industry?

Are traditional surgical procedures now being replaced by non-surgical options like lasers, radiofrequency and injectables, as men and women across the UK seek less invasive alternatives to looking younger?

Spring annually sees a surge in Brits hitting clinics hoping to look and feel great in their swimwear, and according to a survey by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide, as many as 2 in 3 consider elective treatment before going on their summer holidays.

With two thirds of procedures now being classed as non-surgical, Dr Thevendra explains whether the rise in knife-free treatments indicates the demise of traditional cosmetic surgery, or the start of an exciting new trend for combined treatments.

“There has certainly been a steady rise in non-surgical treatments on the last few years, as many of my patients have decided against invasive surgery in favour of the non-surgical treatments and procedure we offer at APSARAS,” says Dr Thevendra.

“Anti-ageing options are growing day by day, and I personally think they can offer wonderful results without the pain and downtime associated with going under the knife,” he explains.

“That’s not to say that these treatments can’t be combined with surgery – of course they can – but many of my patients often find that having non-surgical procedures can help reduce the signs of ageing alone,” Dr Thevendra says.

“At APSARAS we offer some outstanding alternatives, including Aqualyx for fat reduction (a body shaping injectable that can help contour the stubborn areas like tummy and thighs) and dermal fillers like Restylane which can fill out those creases on the face,” he explains.

“Looking good this summer doesn’t have to be painful, come and visit APSARAS; where experience matters and anti-ageing is our focus,”the expert concludes.

To book your consultation with Dr Thevendra – whether you want to discuss non-surgical treatments alone, or in combination with more invasive procedures – then give the clinic a call today.

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