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PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands

Choosing PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands 

If you’re considering a non surgical anti ageing treatment you need to know about PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands: the latest injectable skin rejuvenation treatment to sweep the UK.

Offered at APSARAS Clinic, patients from across the Midlands including areas such as Coventry, Doncaster, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Solihull can reap the rewards of this innovative cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles.

The best injectable treatment, it can be used as a standalone form of anti-ageing treatment as well as part of a wider skin rejuvenation programme including Botox, chemical skin peel and volumising injections. Another added bonus of this innovative facial filler is its use in revolumising hard to treat areas of the body, such as the backs of hands.

The main USP of this dermal filler is that it’s created using an acid (HA) backed by impressive scientific research. The PROFHILO purified natural hyaluronic acid does not contain chemicals and unwanted cross-linking agents to modify its structure, which therefore reduces risks such as adverse reactions.

This in turn makes it a safer and more reliable form of injectable anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatment, which gives not only offers great results for facial volumisation and anti ageing, but also requires minimal injection sites meaning less chance of bruising.

Dr Thevendea is the lead cosmetic doctor at the aesthetic clinic in Coventry and says this new generation of anti ageing and dermal filler treatment in West Midlands is likely to become one of the most popular forms of skin rejuvenation treatment in the UK.

“So far all of my patients that have undergone treatment with PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands have loved the results. This versatile and impressive injectable treatment is set to become one of the most important additions to our cosmetic clinic in Coventry and we are certain that patients that are new to injectable anti-ageing treatments are going to love the results,” he says.

“PROFHILO injections can be combined with other forms of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment, such as Botox, muscle relaxing injections and chemical skin peels, making it a versatile and multifaceted way of improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also excellent for improving lost volume in the cheeks and upper and mid face, as well as areas of the body including the chest and hands.”

Undergoing PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands 

Choosing PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands is something that can only be determined by undergoing a full consultation with a cosmetic doctor that understands the benefits as well as the limitations of this form of anti ageing injectable treatment.

For more information about this dermal filler for lines and wrinkles please contact a member of the clinic reception team who will be able to offer you a detailed advice about what PROFHILO dermal fillers in West Midlands can offer you.