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Q & A: What is VeinWave?

Q & A: What is VeinWave?

VeinWave is a new treatment specifically designed to get rid of thread veins which most often appear on the face and legs.

Many adults suffer from thread veins (essentially broken capillaries), which are painless and harmless, but can be unsightly. VeinWave works by a process called microthermocoagulation, which involves directing very high-frequency microwaves via a very fine probe into each vein.

The probe penetrates the skin just a few thousandths of a millimetre. It heats the vein and destroys it and the blood within the vein (which gives it its dark colour) is gradually absorbed into the surrounding tissue and so the vein is no longer visible.

The treatment is permanent, very quick and, according to patient testimonials, almost painless, similar to a flicking of the skin or having a hair pulled out. Sometimes there may be some reddening of the skin immediately after the treatment but this fades within a couple of days.