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Recovering From Laser Skin Resurfacing

Practitioners of laser skin resurfacing offer cosmetic treatments for conditions ranging from deep wrinkles to acne scars. They provide patients with medical expertise but are just as concerned about their patients’ well being after the treatments are completed.

With that in mind, Dr Thevendra explains the essential steps you should take after a skin resurfacing treatment to optimise your results.

“Post-treatment recovery time depends entirely on the individual and how aggressive the treatment has been,” he says.

“The depth and severity of wrinkles, the degree of damage, and the signs of aging are all noted when choosing how to tailor a skin care treatment, and that includes laser resurfacing.”

The ‘harshness’ of the technique also depends hugely on the amount of downtime a patient is happy to manage.

“Patients should expect to recover from a ‘lighter’ laser resurfacing over a weekend,” he explains. “But more harsh treatments involve the patient staying inside for up to ten days. The results of laser resurfacing can last a long time with the results of a single treatment in many cases lasting ten years or more.”

Patients can do much on their part to preserve and advance the outcome of a laser resurfacing procedure. Keeping out of the hot sun, the shrewd use of sunscreen, and even the use of cosmeceuticals consisting of vitamin C, medical-grade Retinoic acid, and glycolics will all increase the results and maintain the skin.

“Laser resurfacing treatments are typically combined with prescription lotions and potions to improve therapeutic results. For example, wrinkles and fine lines are commonly fused with high concentrations of Retinoic acid, hyaluronidase acid, and vitamin C,” Dr Thevendra concludes.

Prospective patients should be aware that many non-medical practitioners are performing laser resurfacing treatments even though laser resurfacing is a medical procedure that must only be performed by an experienced, licensed practitioner. If you would like more information on the types of skin resurfacing on offer at the APSARAS Clinic visit our treatment pages.