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Rejuvenate Your Face Without Going Under The Knife

Do you want to rejuvenate your face without going under the knife? Here are Dr Thevendra’s top treatments to help you give your skin some life.

Dracula therapy (MyCells PRP)

A new treatment using the body’s own platelets called MyCells is now available here at the APSARAS Clinic. This treatment has been labeled light heartedly in the press as “Dracula Therapy.”

You take the patient’s blood and separate out the plasma and the red cells – the plasma has six to eight times the growth factors – and you re-inject that immediately under the skin. There’s no risk of allergy and the serum can be used as a filler or as a mesotherapy treatment on the face, the décolleté or the hands to revitalise.

Medical Micro-needling

Rumoured to be the favourite treatment of Angelina Jolie, micro-needling is a relatively new procedure that works by stimulating new collagen growth. It produces fantastic results by itself but is also a great treatment when combined with other aesthetic procedures.

The results of the Genuine Dermaroller are even more impressive when used in synergy with other hydrating treatments. We have found that when it’s used in conjunction with Restylane Vital it hydrates the skin as well giving a double whammy on overall tone and texture. We’re able to address more problems in one treatment than a lot of other treatments do.