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Remove Stubborn Fat With Aqualyx


Remove Stubborn Fat With Aqualyx

Do you have unwanted stubborn Fat? Or have cellulite you just want to get rid of?

Most of us do and it can be really disheartening to not be able to shift that last little bit of fat. You can try every toning exercise or gym routine going, to try and get rid of that unsightly lumps, bumps and rolls but nothing works. Don’t lose hope; there is an option out there for you and it’s called Aqualyx.

Aqualyx is a non-surgical injectable treatment that allows you to rid yourself of that muffin-top and cellulite for good Aqualyx is a water based injectable that is injected into the areas of stubborn fat. The solution contains plant pollers that bind to the fat cell walls before rupturing and releasing the fat to be dissolved. Once the fatty tissue has been dissolved the body will then expel it naturally.

It’s important to know, Aqualyx is not an injectable weight-loss, but rather a body contouring tool and should be treated as so. In most cases multiple cases are needed in order to get the full effects of the treatment. This treatment is perfect for area such as the neck, tummy, thighs and any other place that harbors stubborn fat.

Due to its non-surgical nature the risks involved are dramatically lower than a surgical procedure. Risks involved with Aqualyx are minimal but may consist of redness to the site of application, swelling of the area of application (both of which should subside with a day or two of application), adjustments to your celestial and gluten levels due to devolving of salts and sugars (both of which are extremely rare within the treatment) .If you would like more information on the risks of Aqualyx we suggest talking to your doctor in your consultation.

There are many advantages to this procedure:

  • You can directly target the area of stubborn fatty tissue in order to effectively dissolve the unwanted fat.
  • Its water based nature the injectable is absorbable and has a little to no chance of your body rejecting it.
  • You can also go about you day to day life with no interruptions with Aqualyx and can even return to work right away

Results from Aqualyx can be seen from just one application; however it is advised to sit 3-5 sittings in order to see the treatments full results. The treatment is suitable for anyone who has in unwanted stubborn fat or cellulite and does not want to opt for a more surgical alternative such as liposuction or laser-lipo treatments. Candidates should also have minimal fatty tissue lose. This is not an alternative to serious weight loss.

When it comes to non-surgical procedures there is only one man for the job, and that man is Dr. Thevendra. With over 15 years’ experience consulting in the aesthetic medicine field he is definitely a safe pair of hands to put your treatment in.  Dr. Thevendra is an ever-professional and reliable doctor that delivers the highs level of care for his patients at his practice, APSARAS. It’s thanks to this attention to detail and outstanding level of work what Dr. Thevendra has gained such a great reputation within the UK as one of the leading lights in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

If you have any questions about Aqualyx or any other non-surgical procedures, including muscle relaxing injections, cosmetic hair loss treatments and medical micro-needling, book your consultation with Dr. Thevendra today.