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Remove Unwanted Fat With Aqualyx

Remove Unwanted Fat With Aqualyx

With most of us still well and truly in full swing of our new year dieting and exercise regimes, you might be feeling better than you have in years, but sometimes this inner feeling of health doesn’t always translate into physical results. If you feel deflated and even unmotivated to carry on fat reduction with Aqualyx might help.

Aqualyx is a cosmetic body contouring aid and it is a non-surgical treatment. Aqualyx is an injectable which can be absorbed by the body with ease and is risk-free. The injectable contains plant polymers that effectively bind the fat cell walls before rupturing the cells and releasing the fat to be removed from the body naturally. Aqualyx is a concentrated fat contouring treatment and is formulated to tackle small areas of stubborn fat rather than large sections of the body; something that should always be kept in mind by patients considering Aqualyx treatment.

The great thing about Aqualyx is that it is a wonderful accompaniment to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Sometime we develop stubborn areas of fat that are extremely hard to slim down or tone – no matter how much we try – and it can really affect the way you think about your body. So much so, that many people that suffer with stubborn areas of fat can be dissatisfied with the results of their hard work regarding diet and exercise. Aqualyx gives these people a way to control their unwanted fat and gain the results they want, without the need to feel like they are ‘cheating’ by undergoing cosmetic treatment.

It seems like many patients are now catching on to the benefits of Aqualyx too, with a staggering increase of 500% in 2014 in the number of enquiries about Aqualyx and other non-surgical fat contouring treatments. Aqualyx looks like it’s on track to be one of the biggest cosmetic treatments of 2015.

Thanks to its non-surgical nature, and all natural and absorbable ingredients, Aqualyx comes with minimal risks compared to most cosmetic treatments. In fact the only known risk involved with Aqualyx treatment is the possibility of contracting in infection. This is extremely rare but should be still be factored into your decision process when considering undergoing Aqualyx treatment.

Dr. Thevendra of APSARAS Clinic is a cosmetic doctor with a wealth of experience and knowledge in performing Aqualyx treatment. This is what he had to say about the treatment.

Aqualyx treatment is a great cosmetic treatment; it provides patients wanting to tackle stubborn areas of fat a healthy and natural solution to body contouring, with next to no risks involved and great results. Aqualyx can provide amazing results if patients put their treatment in the right hands. I would strongly advise patients thinking of undergoing Aqualyx treatment to consult a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable cosmetic professional such as myself to answer any questions you may have.

If you would like more information on Aqualyx treatment then book your consultation  with Dr. Thevendra today.