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Remove Unwanted Fat In Time For Summer With Aqualyx

After a lovely sunny Easter break we’re are well and truly in spring, and some of us are thinking about the up and coming summer and how we can get beach ready in time. You may have already made the positive changes to your diet and exercise routine in order to shift those extra inches in time for your summer holiday, but occasionally those last extra inches around the waist just do not want to budge and it can be extremely frustrating. If the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine just isn’t giving you the right results, then Aqualyx might be for you.

A new form of fat reduction

Aqualyx is a fat dissolving cosmetic treatment that is gaining popularity rapidly. Never heard of it? It is a non-surgical water-based cosmetic injectable that aims to help patients improve the look of their hard work by helping to tackle those last areas of stubborn fat. Aqualyx does this essentially dissolving fat. The treatment involves injecting the solution in the areas of treatment where the liquid will then bind to the walls of the fat cells and rupture them. Once ruptured, the fatty contents are then forced out of the cell and dissolved by the Aqualyx solution. The deposits are then removed from the body naturally through the urine. Aqualyx is has become a hugely popular cosmetic treatment for a number of reasons; one of these being the all natural ingredients that make up the cosmetic injectable. This is a huge positive for many patients as it means they know exactly what is in the solution entering their body and so do not feel like they are injecting their body with anything that could be potentially harmful to their health. Another benefit to Aqualyx treatment is that is quick and easy; unlike some surgical alternatives such as liposuction, Aqualyx can be performed within a patient’s lunch break and requires little to no recovery time. This is a plus to many patients as they can gain the results they want in a shorter period of time, without a lengthy recovery process and without the tissue trauma that liposuction can cause.
Dr. Thevendra is the cosmetic doctor at APSARAS. He has extensive firsthand experience of performing Aqualyx treatment and had this to say on the treatment everyone’s talking about this spring.

“Although Aqualyx treatment does have a wealth of benefits that seem to be swaying more and more patients to undergo treatment it’s also very important to look at the treatment realistically. Like all cosmetic treatments, Aqualyx does have its own set of risks and possible side-effects that patients need to be aware of and factor into their decision making process. The risks involved with Aqualyx are minor compared to many other cosmetic treatments thanks to its non-surgical nature and natural ingredients, but the risks should still be taken seriously. The risks involved with Aqualyx treatment include swelling, bruising and bleeding at the site of injection as well as the possibility of contracting an infection as a result of treatment, but these are rare.”

If you are considering undergoing Aqualyx treatment then research is key. Like all cosmetic treatments it is vital that you gain as much as information on your treatment as possible. That includes finding out about the treatment itself, the risks involved with the treatment, the after care and maintenance of the treatment and finding the best cosmetic professional for you. A great way to find out more information and get a better feel for how your chosen cosmetic professional works is to sit a consultation. Not only will this give patients a chance to have any questions they may have answered but it also gives you a good foundation to determine if a cosmetic professional is right for your needs.

If you would like more information on Aqualyx treatment or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatment then book your consultation with APSARAS Cosmetic Clinic today.