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Replenish Your Skin With My Cell PRP Treatment

After a harsh winter many of us can see the effects within our skin; a dull and weather-beaten appearance is easily developed during the colder months, but with spring now here you may feel the pressure to get your skin in top condition in lightning fast time. Combating the look of dull and even ageing skin can be a real struggle and leave many people unsure of where to start. However the answer couldn’t be simpler; My Cell PRP treatment is the treatment you need and it’s offered at APSARAS Clinic, Coventry.

My Cell PRP is a cosmetic treatment designed to help patients improve the look of dulling skin to give a rejuvenated and youthful glow; perfect for the warmer months. PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is this mixture of plasma and platelets that is fundamental to the rejuvenation of the skin during My Cell PRP treatment. My Cell PRP provides these rejuvenated results by harnessing the plasma and platelets that are found within the patient’s blood. The cosmetic professional will take a small blood sample from the patients (in the same way a blood sample would be take for medical reasons) and once the sample has been collected the plasma and platelets within the sample will be separated from the rest of the blood and placed within a fresh syringe. Other natural ingredients that have health benefits for the skin will also be added to the syringe before the solution is injected back into the patient’s facial tissue. My Cell PRP treatment is effective as it stimulates better blood circulation to the facial skin to give a fresh and rejuvenated look to the face, and improves the production and regeneration of collagen.

My cell PRP is a wonderful cosmetic treatment that is loved by celebrities and members of the general public alike; the treatment has a wealth of benefits that see more and more patients opting for the treatment each year. The biggest benefit to My Cell PRP treatment is its all natural make-up. Thanks to PRP treatments use of ingredients that can only be found naturally within the body, patients can undergo treatment safe in the knowledge that they won’t have a reaction to the treatment and their body won’t reject the injectable. This is a huge plus, as it means patients can get the skin rejuvenation results they’re looking for without putting themselves under the additional risk of reaction or rejection of the substance that can come with cosmetic injectables. Another benefit to My Cell PRP treatment is that it’s quick and convenient. My Cell PRP treatment requires no recovery time which is a huge plus for many patients as they can undergo treatment and return to their busy schedule without the treatment having any effect on the rest of their day.

My Cell PRP is the perfect skin rejuvenation treatment for the modern working man or woman and Dr. S. Thevendra – the Cosmetic Doctor at APSARAS Cosmetic Clinic in Coventry – is a leading provider of My Cell PRP treatment. He had this to say about the treatment.

“My Cell PRP treatment provides patients with a wealth of positives that entices more and more patients to undergo the treatment each year, however it is important that patients look at the treatment as a whole. This means not only knowing the benefits of the treatment but also being aware of the risks and possible side-effects involved with PRP treatment too. Luckily, thanks to My Cell PRP’s all natural make-up, the risks involved with the treatment are minimal, so much so that the only known risk involved with PRP treatment is the risk of contracting an infection. This is rare but never the less patients should carefully consider this and factor this risk into their decision making process.”

If you are considering undergoing My Cell PRP treatment then like with any cosmetic treatment research is vital. Patients should gain as much information as possible not only in the treatment itself but also the risks involved and possible providers of the treatment too. A great way to gain more information and do some research is through a consultation with a cosmetic professional, it will give you the opportunity to get any unanswered questions you have answered by an experienced professional. This is particularly good as it allows you to gain first hand of their working style and give you a basis to judge if they are right cosmetic professional for you. If you would like more information on My Cell PRP then book your consultation with APSARAS Cosmetic Clinic today via email: info@apsaras.co.uk.