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Rise In Skin Cancer: Who’s To Blame?

With the news that cases of skin cancer is on the rise in the UK we pose the question who or what is to blame?

Many of us love a good tan and enjoy nothing more than lying around on a beach somewhere, but do you think of the consequences that it may have on the health on your skin? The answer is probably no, don’t threat you are not alone!

We live in a society that values not only a sunny disposition but complexion too. Our media is flooded with images of everything from sun-kissed models to tan-obsessed reality stars. Tan seems to be the way to go spray tans are all well and good, but if we’re honest most us want something with a little more longevity. This is the stage many of us contemplate using more risky tanning alternatives, such as sun beds and even tanning injections.

This is where things get dangerous. With extreme sunlight and sun bed exposure comes heightened chances of developing forms of skin cancer. The problem has been an issue for quite some time now. So much so, that the national age restriction on sun bed usage was raised a few years ago. Companies, politicians and even celebrities such as Girl’s Aloud’s Nicola Roberts weighed in to show they support to higher the age restriction.

So why are we still seeing an increase in cases of skin cancer, especially in younger people? And who is to blame?

Is it the media for flooding us with unrealistic ideas to aspire to? Is it the Government for not making enough effort to not only create regulations in the tanning industry but enforce them too? Maybe it’s the tanning companies fault for not re-enforcing the laws put in place by the Government. Or maybe it’s our fault for not taking enough care of our skin when exposed to extreme sunlight or sun beds.

If we’re honest, it’s not just one thing that calculates to this sudden increase in skin cancer cases, it’s a cocktail of them all. It is recommended that we all wear a SPF factor cream everyday but do you actually do it? Well done if you do, you’re often in the minority.

Most of us are guilty of not taking the best care of our skin when it comes to sun exposure. If these statistics do anything, hopefully they make us all make the small changes in our day to day lives that could help lower our chances of developing skin cancer.

More people going on holidays abroad is thought to be one of the main reasons for this rise in skin cancer cases too. So it’s clear to see a clear lack of knowledge or even disregard for health in pursuit of a golden complexion is a factor in this rise. If we are honest we all need to familiarise ourselves with the health precautions we can follow in order to protect ourselves and rejuvenate what we have.

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