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Say Goodbye To Your Acne Scarring with eDermastamp Treatment

Say Goodbye To Your Acne Scarring with eDermastamp Treatment


Acne can be a very difficult skin condition; not only can it be hard to control or cure, but it also can be hard to live with. Acne is one of the world’s most common skin conditions, but this fact is of little comfort when you’re struggling with the condition and struggling to retain your confidence thanks to the condition of your skin. You may think that this issue will be solved once the condition has cleared up, but in many cases this isn’t the case; the development of scarring after acne is a common complaint and can leave many sufferers feeling extremely frustrated. After years of fighting acne it can be feel like a cruel trick of nature that you are now afflicted with facial scarring. If these are issues that you are living with, there is help out there; eDermastamp treatment at APSARAS Clinic may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

eDermastamp treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to improve the look of imperfections within the skin (such as acne scarring) as well as the appearance of sagging and ageing skin. The treatment achieves this through puncturing the surface of the skin with hundred of microneedles in order to improve the skin repairing process and stimulate collagen production.

eDermastamp is an effective solution to the appearance of acne scarring as the collagen that the treatment stimulates helps to restore elasticity to the skin that can be reduced through skin damage and the ageing process. The presence of higher levels of collagen allows the skin regain its youthful volume and resilience, therefore visually improving the look of skin damage issues such as acne scarring.

Although eDermastamp is a wonderful treatment that provides patients with a visually improved look to signs of imperfection in their skin, it is important that patients are aware of the risks the treatment carries too. Like all cosmetic treatment, eDermastamp comes with its own set of risks and potential side effects that all patients should be aware of before making the decision to undergo treatment. These risks include infection, bruising, bleeding and scarring. They are extremely rare to encounter, but should still be carefully factored into all patient’s decision making processes.

eDermastamp may have some potential risks, but it also comes with a wealth of benefits. eDermastamp gives patients an effective solution to their acne scarring. Unlike some other cosmetic treatments and products, eDermastamp doesn’t just provide patients with a way to disguise their acne scarring, instead it tackles the issue head on by improving the collagen production, leaving patients with a visually improved look to their skin.

eDermastamp also provides patients with a long lasting improvement to their skin imperfections. The results of eDermastamp treatment can usually be seen within 4-6 months following treatment, as it takes time for the new collagen to grow, and the results of the treatment can last up to 18 months,”said Dr. Thevendra, a cosmetic doctor at APSARAS Clinic.

This improvement to the condition of the skin also allows patients to rebuild their self-confidence, which is arguebly the biggest positive to the treatment. After years of struggling with the condition of their skin, patients can finally regain the freedom they once had and liberate themselves to do everything that they once felt held back from due to the condition of their skin.

If eDermastamp seems like the right choice for you then it is important that your entrust your treatment with the right practitioner. Failure to do so could result in less effective results or even further skin damage. A great way to determine if a cosmetic professional is the right fit for your needs is to book a consultation with them.

A consultation will give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the treatment or the practitioner’s experience in a one-to-one environment. It will also give you the chance to see the facilities your treatment will be performed in and a gauge feel for the practitioner’s working style, all of which are important factors when considering any form of cosmetic treatment.

If you would like more information on eDermastamp with APSARAS Clinic, book your consultation today by calling (024) 7669 3700 or emailing info@apsaras.co.uk.