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What Are The Side Effects Of Muscle Relaxing Injections?

When muscle relaxing injections were introduced they were an instant hit. A surprisingly safe injection that is able to eliminate fine wrinkles and lines on the face sounds like heaven to many people- increasingly to men.

Once a treatment only undertaken by only the celebrity cream of the crop, it soon almost became a prerequisite for anyone appearing on our cinema and TV screens, even news presenters.


Today, it seems like almost everyone has tried muscle relaxing injections, and with such publicised excellent results, it is to be expected. However, something that the many people lined up to try the injection are unaware of is that while the drug is notably safe, there is always a chance of side effects.

Like using a home hair dye kit, no matter how many treatments you have already had or how talented the administering physician may be, you could potentially have a reaction at any time.


It’s essential to realise that there are people who have experienced high volumes of side effects from BOTOX when receiving the drug for medical purposes, such as to treat spasms and other conditions, but the side effects listed here are based on studies of people who used BOTOX for cosmetic purposes and underwent only facial injections near the eyes.


For example, patients receiving the injectable for cosmetic surgery report droopy eyelids immediately following the procedure only up to 3% of the time, whereas with medical treatment it is up to over 20%. This is due to a number of conditions including dosage differences as well as differences in the body of healthy patients versus those receiving the treatment for medical purposes.


As well as droopy eyelids, BOTOX can also cause nausea in up to 3% of patients seeking its use for cosmetic reasons.  Other side effects can include muscle weakness, heartburn, facial pain, and hypertension.

These noted side effects occur in less than 2% of patients and are considered temporary.  It is also possible to experience dry mouth, drowsiness, sore throat, anxiety, infection, flu like symptoms, and bleeding at the injection site, but again these side effects are very rare when it is used correctly and for cosmetic purposes.

BOTOX injections close to the mouth bear the added (but slight) risk of affecting speech and smile muscles, and should always be administered by a well trained professional.


The chances of experiencing side effects from the injectable are very low, but anyone considering the procedure should understand the risks before signing up for the muscle relaxing injections. Talk with your practitioner and discuss any health problems you may have to ensure that the procedure is safe for you.

Dr Thevendra says:

There is no definitive way to predict who may experience side effects from BOTOX, but it is important to consider them. However, patients in good physical shape should find the injections are remarkably safe as long as they are only  administered by a trusted practitioner.

You can find more about muscle relaxing injections by booking a consultation with Dr Thevendra.