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Skin Rejuvenation – The Natural Way


Skin Rejuvenation – The Natural Way

Dealing with ageing or dulling skin can be bad for confidence, and can often lead people to seek help from cosmetic treatments that will rejuvenate their skin and make them look younger. There are plenty of treatments on the market, and it can be hard to know which the right one is for you. But My Cell PRP offers a natural alternative to skin rejuvenation, and could be the treatment you’ve been looking for.

My Cell PRP aims to visibly freshen and rejuvenate skin, using only ingredients that can be naturally found in the body; the main ingredients are platelets and plasma which are found in the blood. PRP treatment involves taking a blood sample from the patient in same manner as a medical blood transfusion and separating the plasma and platelets. These are placed into a syringe, along with other natural ingredients such as omega 3 extracts, and injected into the face. My Cell PRP promotes better blood circulation to the facial tissue and encourages the production of collagen, the substance that gives skin its elasticity.

Due to its natural ingredients, My Cell PRP is virtually risk-free. In fact the only potential side-effects with PRP treatment are slight bleeding, swelling and bruising (which all are a result of the injection and should subside within one day of treatment). There is also a slight chance of infection, but when the treatment is undertaken by an experienced, reputable professional, this is incredibly rare.

PRP therapy is known under many names – most notably the ‘vampire facelift’. The treatment has proved popular with celebrities, including Kim Kadashian. This celebrity endorsement has help to forefront PRP in the media and the public eye in recent years, although it is not a particularly new treatment.

Dr. Thevendra, a cosmetic doctor working out of the Apsaras clinic, specialises in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and has a special interest in PRP treatment. He said: “My Cell PRP therapy is a great cosmetic treatment as it provides patients with all the positives of cosmetic facial rejuvenation but with dramatically lower risks than most other procedures. Because PRP is completely natural, it is impossible for patients to negatively react to the treatment, which is a huge plus as it eliminates one of the main risks identified by patients. I’ve seen the results that PRP treatment can have on patients’ confidence, too. As a cosmetic doctor there is no greater reward then seeing a patient happier and more comfortable with their appearance. PRP Therapy offers amazing results.”

If you would like more information on My Cell PRP or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatment, book a consolation with Dr. Thevendra today.