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Spring anti ageing treatments in West Midlands

Skin rejuvenation and anti ageing treatments in West Midlands for winter

The spring months can be tricky for your skin, but there’s a selection of anti ageing treatments at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry that can help to ease common symptoms associated with the changable months, as well as ageing concerns.

When choosing skin rejuvenation treatments and non surgical anti ageing treatments to improve the look or feel of the skin, it’s important to tackle the main cause for the concerns. Is the problem dry or dull skin? Is it more a case of unwanted redness? Keeping that in mind and visiting a cosmetic doctor is the best way to address common winter skin problems.

There are various skin rejuvenation treatments such as skin peels, muscle relaxing injections, and professional skin care designed specifically to improve skin tone and texture.

Below you’ll find three common spring skin concerns as well as which anti ageing treatments can help to improve skin health.

Treating dry skin

Dry and flaky skin is a common but distressing condition, usually more prominent during the cooler months. The change in weather can be traumatic to sensitive skin especially, but skin rejuvenation treatments can help to improve dry skin and help you feel more confident.

Non surgical anti ageing treatments such as professional skin care can help to return hydration to the skin’s surface, and also penetrate deep into the dermis. If you want a more practical solution, PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) can transform skin health.

Treating dull skin

Skin that lacks vibrancy can be upsetting but affects a surprisingly large amount of people in spring and summer. Lack lustre skin can easily be improved with chemical skin peels, offered at APSARAS Clinic. These can brighten dull skin by removing a layer of dull, damaged skin.

A superficial chemical skin peel is safe and effective for treating dull skin and can also be used as a non surgical anti ageing treatment. Again PRP can also be used to reinvigorate your skin.

Treating sun damage

Despite it being spring, many people don’t realise the impact that the sun’s rays can still have on the skin. UVA rays can damage the dermis and leave men and women appearing older than their years. It’s advised to use an SPF everyday, but if the sun damage needs addressing or it’s causing fine lines to form around the eyes, non surgical anti ageing treatments can help.

Muscle relaxing injections are a reliable and safe way of transforming the skin, and are suitable for many other photo ageing issues. Alternatively, dermal fillers such as Redensity or Profhilo can improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Getting more information

Would you like to discuss skin rejuvenation treatments and non surgical anti ageing treatments with Dr Thevendra and the team here at APSARAS Clinic in Coventry? We welcome all new patients to visit us for a free 30 minute consultation where you can discuss your skin health needs. Don’t wait to change the way you feel about your skin – contact us to find a long lasting solution that benefits you every day.