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Subtle anti ageing treatments in Coventry

Undergo anti-ageing treatments which offer subtle results

When patients are seeking anti-ageing treatments one of the most requested aspects of their treatment is natural-looking results.

The days of overfilled cheeks and lips are finally on the decline. Most patients visiting APSARAS Clinic today are seeking non-surgical skin rejuvenation changes. They want their friends and family telling them how well and rested they look, rather than asking what anti-ageing treatments they’ve had done.

We believe less is most definitely more when it comes to non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Natural looking skin rejuvenation results are something cosmetic doctor Dr Thevendra is keen to ensure at every possible junction.

You can be sure that undergoing anti-ageing treatments, such as muscle relaxing injection, dermal fillers or chemical skin peels, in Coventry with him will be a positive experience.

Dr Thevendra says

“My clients are more savvy than ever when it comes to choosing the best anti-ageing treatments for their specific needs. But they are also aware that natural looking and subtle results are far more advantageous in the long run over use of treatment such as dermal fillers and injectable anti-ageing options to fill the skin.”

“One of the most commonly requested aspects of anti-ageing treatment in Hertfordshire discussed during consultation is how to get the most natural looking results possible. They want their family and friends to remark how ‘well’ or refreshed they look, rather than ask what cosmetic treatments they may have had – this is universal for both my male and female clients.”

So how can you get the most natural looking results from anti-ageing treatments in the West Midlands? Dr. Thevendra offers 3 considerations before undergoing anti-ageing injectables or skin rejuvenation treatments.

Less is usually more

When it comes to undergoing anti-ageing treatments which offer natural looking results, remember less is more. An over filled look is unnatural looking, so the key is using non surgical anti-ageing injectable treatments such as dermal fillers sparingly.

Choose an experienced cosmetic doctor

Your cosmetic doctor should be someone who is experienced in providing anti-ageing treatments such as dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections and chemical skin peels.

During your consultation make sure you feel the expert you have chosen understands that you are looking for natural looking skin rejuvenation.

Don’t follow the celebrities

Of course, it’s easy to look at a celebrity in a magazine or newspaper and assume that the treatments they have had and will benefit you to, but it’s important to remember that every face is different (just as everybody is different) and what works for one person may not work for now.

Big lips may look fantastic on Kylie Jenner but that doesn’t mean that same full lipped look using dermal fillers or lip fillers will be suitable for you.

Choosing anti-ageing treatments with Dr Thevendra

If you are seeking anti-ageing treatments, but you are keen to find a cosmetic expert who offers natural looking results, why not book a consultation? The consultation process is simple and allows for you to meet with your potential cosmetic doctor before any treatment takes place.

During this consultation you can voice your requirements and goals, and the cosmetic doctor can offer you impartial and expert advice. This is to allow you to make an informed decision prior to undergoing any form of anti-ageing treatment, such as muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers or chemical skin peels.