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Three non-surgical anti-ageing treatments you can combine

These days it’s often hard to guess a person’s age, especially famous faces. Take X Factor presenter Caroline Flack; despite being 36-year-old, the TV host looks remarkably wrinkle-free for a woman in her mid-thirties. Whilst great skin and a professional makeup artist on speed dial no doubt help the star look effortlessly youthful, it could be suggested that non-surgical anti-ageing treatments may have had a hand too.

At APSARAS Clinic in Coventry, Dr. Thevendra offers various forms of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments to his patients from Birmingham, Derby, Leicester and Solihul, as well as Coventry and the surrounding areas. Below are three of the most popular forms of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments – along with what they can offer you – including muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, and chemical skin peels.

Muscle relaxing injections

Now recognised as the most popular form of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment in the world, muscle relaxing injections offer patients a unique treatment. Not only do the injections freeze the muscles to stop creases from forming, they can actually help to prevent new lines and wrinkles from developing. The most widely recognised form of muscle relaxing injection is Botox, with millions of men and women all over the UK opting for the treatment.

Why choose muscle relaxing injections?

  • Simple and effective; results are almost instant and continue to improve in coming weeks
  • Cheaper than surgery; this non-surgical anti-ageing treatment cost a fraction of a facelift
  • Quick to administer; treatment takes just 15-30 minutes
  • Non-invasive; this form of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment is administered by needle
  • Results that last; Botox treatment can help patients for up to 9 months

Dermal fillers

Non-surgical anti-ageing treatments don’t come more versatile than these clever injectables. Of course, they can be used to augment the lips and improve the look of sunken cheeks, but did you know the main use for dermal fillers is to rejuvenate the skin and improve the look of lines and wrinkles? Used to plump the skin and improve hydration to areas including the eyes, dermal fillers are adaptable and (when used correctly) can offer naturally volumised results.

Why choose dermal fillers?

  • Versatile and effective; they can be used in combination with other non-surgical anti-ageing treatments
  • Easy to administer; treatment is simple and quick with dermal fillers
  • Adaptable; you can also use these non-surgical anti-ageing injectables to improve volume around the lips, another classic ageing sign.
  • Long-lasting; the results can last up to 18 months – making them highly sought after
  • Popular for good reason; these injectables are a celeb favourite now

Chemical skin peels

Sometimes reverting back to a tried and tested classic is the key to rejuvenating the face. When it comes to non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, the chemical skin peels is renowned as a reliable and effective form of skin rejuvenation. Popular with women of all ages, the skin peels at APSARAS remain a staple part of many patient’s regular dermal upkeep.

Why choose chemical skin peels?

  • Tried and tested; non-surgical anti-ageing treatments like skin peels never go out of style
  • Variety; there are different strengths of peel meaning you can have your treatment tailored specifically to your concerns
  • Offer numerous benefits; chemical peels can not only treat signs of ageing including hyperpigmentation, crows feet and lines and wrinkles, but they can also improve skin’s texture and tone
  • Long-term results; strong skin peels can rejuvenate the skin for years, not days

Book an appointment at APSARAS Clinic to learn more about non-surgical anti-ageing treatments and get a celebrity glow in no time!